Lone Cucumber: Part II

Yeaaaah, about that. I was looking at it again this morning with the window cracked a little bit so I could get real close. It may not be a cucumber after all. The truth is it might be a stone *pause* that simply looks very much like a cucumber. I couldn't bring my self to further the investigation this morning because ....well because I rather like the thought of it being a cucumber that won't rot.

Helvetica's a snitch

Scott Stowell from one of the reasons I came to New York points out Good Film, Shame About Helvetica by Peter Edidin from the New York Times.
While I am on the subject, I might as well point out these ladies and some nice type here.
Aaaaand we might as well wrap things up with a little Clyfford Still.Respect.

Springtime in New York

This morning I got off the subway at Union Square. The farmers market was all set up with its delicious baked goods, plants, fresh fruits and vegitables. The sun had taken its place and the people were bustling to and fro. In and out of the dry cleaner, Starbucks and the corner delis. Looking at watches, sweeping sidewalks, talking on cell phones and crossing the street. I walked up and over to Chelsea where all the hot guys are holding each others hands and the location of my favorite fruit and veggie cart.
And for a moment I think we could all break out into dance...


Flash Palatte


Lone Cucumber

There is a cucumber siting outside my window on the ledge and its not rotten. I just moved into this apartment last night and I know that the other tenants moved out at the beginning of the month. Its not so strange that the cucumber is there but why isn't it rotten, pray tell?



Sometimes I think that I will take a santi-nap onto the sub one morning and wipe down an entire pole. Then, at least, five of us can rest knowing that if our nose itches we can scratch it without getting some mucus-y head cold.


Estimated Time of Arrival

Fashionably late of course
Sooo, do tell! Who is designing your new ceasefire outfits guys?


Moving Mountains

I spoke to friend who lives in Oregon last night. She has taken a job with the local newspaper until its time to attend her summer lookout post. The assignments take her around the small town, meeting with different people and organizations.

Me: "I am so excited for you E-...that sounds like it would be really interesting!"
E-: "Yeah...heh...hmm."
Me: "Don't you like interviewing people, small-town affairs...writing?"
E-: "Yeah...but right now I am interviewing a guy that fears if he touches a vagina, the action will cause an earthquake..."


Apt. 3B

Oh yeah! Yes, yes, I found an apartment. If I didn’t have a foam mattress on stilts, I would jump on my bed in jubilation. Now, I know you are asking yourself, ‘Did that crunchy girl move near co-op or what?’ Well, first of all I am not crunchy, I just like organic foods at less than conventinal prices. Secondly, no. I am staying in Williamsburg. While walking through one cramped apartment after another, I had some time to consider what’s important. Call me crazy, I pick my friends over food. Also, it just worked out that way. I fell in love with place and its rent-stabilized appeal.


Oma Oma Oompaloopa!

Still looking for an apartment. I am a few days away from getting really worried. Part of me really loves this experience. I get to meet a ton of crazy broker personalities and imagine my life taking place in dozens of settings. I may have to let go of the Park Slope food co-op. *gulp, sigh* but then I may stay in B'burg/Greenpoint with my favorite lady friends.

Good News though! We got new the iMacs at work.
2GHz Intel Core Duo and 1.5 GB SDRAM
aaaand it takes pictures!

My design crush *blush* Jeffrey Lai. This guy's work is soooo hot!


All dressed up in dreams

Today, nothing can be wrong for it is absolutely brilliant outside. The smell of warm dampness can't be beat. Jeannius mentioned playing hookey this morning. If only!....

Its a good time to fall in love with someone or something. Hopefully, for me, it will be a roomy, affordable apartment near the Park Slope co-op

Also, I'm still thinking about this payot business and appreciate the comments.



This is Gretel

This is Wilma

Thanks Font Shop



I haven't done my laundry in a week and 3 days now. Last Saturday I stayed out drinking with my two favorite people, Jeannius and B- till 5 am. Sunday night I ate leftover Chinese food in bed and then smoke a cigarette. This morning, along with many others, I listened to VHS or Beta, the hippest guilty pleasure this side of UGG boots. They kinda sound like The Killers doing The Cure. Finally, I still miss the humidity of the South.

For you viewing pleasure, I bring you a Rayograph. Thank you DadA. Thank you Man Ray....lunatics :)



I've started looking for an apartment. This will be the first time I will live alone. Anyone who has looked for an apartment in New York before knows what I am going through. So, instead of pestering some crappy broker and checking out that 300 sq ft walk-up out on the Jefferson Stop that cost 1175 a month, I have taken to constructing my ideal floor plan.
I image the enterance would at the corner of the Sitting(orange) section where it meets the Kitchen(green). The space would appear to be L-shaped with walls defining the Closet(red) and Bathroom(yellow). The rest of the space would be open. And while I am being ideal...it would have beautiful tin cellings.