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"Find out why people join cults and apply that knowledge to brands."


Over it

The first time I ever heard Dinosaur Jr. was at a QuickTrip parking lot in the summer of '93. My friend and I, both 15 at the time, had taken my mom's car out and then preceded to lock the keys in the car. Luckly the guy hanging out and blaring Dino Jr. knew how to break into my car with damage being done. All's well that ends well.


New Digs

Our office is now on 46 and 11

Plant: Rescue

I had to bring the plants inside from the rain. Its been raining all month, now.
But I put the mouse outside, away from the cats. It was only drizzling then.



Danse Serpentine


This is how i feel inside.



My two favorite pieces of furniture. One inherited, the other was found.

Plants: 4(?) weeks

One day I'll leave this treadmill town and have a real garden.


Moral hazard

Its hard to figure out what to do and impossible to calculate if it matters until the moment comes and goes and one is left enraged.
segment from frontline

I started seeing it again, like, without mushrooms

Cut up

top collage by Liam Crockard via vvork
bottom layout from Money Issue of Colors Magazine