Art de Apartheid

The Contemporary Culture Center of Barcelona held an exhibition on the S. African apartheid last fall(2007).
"The narrative thread that runs through this exhibition is one of a return journey: starting with the European origins of modern racism, it follows racism's spread throughout the world during the colonial era, before returning to the wealthiest regions of the world in the post-colonial era." -CCCB website

Conrad Botes, Pietà, 2007
Nandipha Mntambo, Beginning of the Empire, 2007,
Jane Alexander, Butcher Boys, 1985
Above is my favorite
Zwelethu Mthethwa, Real State, 2005-2006


Where The Magic Happens

My office.

I have decided to tile my walls with construction paper.

The organization center




Sometimes I put nuts in my pockets in case I get hungry on the subway or something.


Henry Wessel

An American photographer noted for his descriptive, yet poetic photographs of the human environment.


Meet The World

Great work by Icaro Doria, a 25 year-old Brazilian who has been working for the magazine Grande Reportagem, in Lisbon, Portugal for the last 3 years. via from here


Edward Tufte

You can buy a Tufte poster on the historic visual diary of spaceflight! Atop of all his accomplishments, Tufte coined the term chartjunk, of which I find invaluable and will now attempt to use at least once a day for good measure.


Free Ballin'

tee hee. I couldn't resist.
ahem Everyone Forever posted this gem.
I am very attracted to the idea of waking up in the trees.


These prints from Cannonball Press were recently put up around my office.
On another note: Remember this song? I idolized Kelley and Kim Deal.


Cobby & Cornhead

click to enlarge
A dreamed up campaign by the makers of me. My Aunt Regina, mother and Granny picked me up from the Atlanta airport on a warm spring evening in the silliest of rare forms in which I had ever seen them. Long story short: My mother and auntie were pretending to be Beavis & Butthead while Granny and I were discussing burgeoning buzz on bio fuels. When these two conversations collided the ladies devised the comic /advert above. I was chosen to be the designer.



Last night in bed: Crackers, Nutella and Plant Earth: Seasonal Forests.

Audio Visual

Have you already seen this? I had not.

The Evangelicals

These Oklahama boys would know a little something about making a joyful noise.... I got the So Gone (2006) album and the Skeleton Man B-sides- of which you really should listen. They have a new album, Descends, dropping on the 22nd.
Critics are comparing them to the Flamming Lips and Grandaddy....not bad.


Bio Knitting

I have a friend named Daye, a multi-talkented woman living in L.A., who always has some interesting internet tid bit to share.
This is today's, from Etsy:


Repito y Repita

There is a verbal children's exercise in Spanish that goes like this:
repito y repita se fueron al mar (I repeat and you repeat went to the sea)
repito se ahogo y quien quedo? ( I repeat drowned and who was left?)
answer: repita ( you repeat.)
.... and so it goes

I finally watched Almodovar's Talk To Her. Yes I know its been out for years... Anyway I loved the Pina Bausch analogy to the movie and to our lives. I especially like the beginning of this Bausch clip, which is not the part shown in the movie but I believe its a part of the same piece:


Ready, Set!

Move over Sudoku, NYT now has Set online.If you are not alreadyfamiliar, Set is a game of visual perception played competitively with 2 or more people. It is a deck of card. Each contain a shape, a number of shapes, a color and a fill of the shape. You must find 3 cards meeting the game criteria in order to have a set. The criteria are that the three cards must be the same in each catagory OR they must all be different in each catagory. Er... its difficult to explain but worth playing.


Weekend: The Met

This weekend I took a stroll through the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I saw The Gates of Paradise by Lorenzo Ghiberti. His dedication to detail is phenomenal. In some pieces the people depicted in the foreground are given the same attention on their profile that is facing towards the background ( away from the viewer). The pieces, tarnished with time, are currently under laser restoration.
I also went through an exhibition of 19th century and late 2oth century painting. Jean-Léon Gérôme's The Almeh (1873) caught my eye. Sadly this internet image will not do the actual painting justice. The light on the woman's veiled face. Her soft come hither look. Lovely.


Letman Type

Sorry for the repost from Newstoday but I wanted to make sure you saw this work by John Wouters. Great!


Making Waves

Thanks Jeannie. This looks like it was a fun project to work on.
You can see the making of the ad here.


Ed Van Der Elsken

Reference Library rescently posted an image of the book Sweet Life by Elsken. Since I was not familiar with his work, I looked him up only to realize that I have seen his work before. Maybe you have too.


Colombia (Cont.)

You can see all the images from my trip here
My camera work is the pits but you can see the landscape and hear the native music



I pretty much flew all Christmas Day and arrived at La Lorena ranch late. La Lorena is just out side of Pereira, which is in the vally between the Occidental and Central corridors of the Andes Mountains. In the morning I looked outside my door
and was pleasantly surprised.
Cows bred for beef.
On the way to Pereira.
I saw some of these guys,
but much more of these. They are called años viejos which means old year. They used to be filled with fireworks and lite on New Years. I believe that fireworks are now outlawed. They are placed outside of stores or homes along the road.
For New Years Santi, Paola (his sister) and I went to a smaller town in the Occidental corridor to visit their father. We arrived to the town at 10 am on December 31. The town square in full celebration mode. Driving motorcycles through the square and throwing corn flour on each other. Later Santi's father and godfather sang for us.

I didn't want to leave