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: the International Exhibition of Modern Art
Reporting a week late but from my estimate there was not a lot to report on. Regardless, I enjoy going to see what people have made. Sister Corita Kent (November 20, 1918 – September 18, 1986), the progressive silkscreen poster making nun from L.A. had work there and that was nice to see. Below are just some pieces of hers that I grabbed of the web.And then there were these:



I was reading. So the dream was watching myself read, but I, the dreamer, was not privy to what I was reading. And the dream was me reading on the couch the whole time. Very boring.

Woken up by an electric flash of light.

Dreaming about sleeping. I started floating. Woke up in my dream and watched lightening flash against the walls.


Simon Birch

Born 1969, UK, works in Hong Kong
Work currently on display at Ogilvy courtesy of Carmichael GalleryI got a call while I was at the office around 6 this Friday and some friends said they were in my building to see some artwork. I am so conditioned to tuned out all office goings-ons (and also just take for granted all the amazing artwork that we are exposed to) that I didn't even realize that there was some new stuff up on the other floors. Thanks to Public Ad Campaign, Liz & Dri.



This Too Shall Pass

Thanks Neils


Jesse Auersalo

Designer/Illustrator does Small Talk with AIGA NY this Wednesday