It was a little overcast but basically a beautiful weekend.Went to the Barcelona Exhibition at the Met. I have never really thought of how much the city, its culture and artists contributed. There is Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro of course, but there were also great works by Roman Casas and Antoni Gaudi that I had not previously considered.
Sagrada Familia(1882-1926) Church designed by Antoni Gaudi. He actually used a brilliant method in designing this building which I am still researching and hope to talk more about in the future.

Saw this Fire Station in Harlem
As you may remember , I have just now started eating eggs. I am still not sure how I like them so I am trying to explore the all the wonderful ways to consume this incredible, edible food item. Since C is crazy about truffle oil I tried this recipe out, using brioche and fontina cheese.


A Point In Every Direction, Is No Point At All.

From Harry Nilsson's The Pointed Man (Narritive) off The Point!
•) listenA unique and pleasant artist that I am just now learning about. The Pointed Man narrative is a Sesame Street styled lesson, or maybe its a riddle, for the young adult. Or maybe for us all.



What You've Been Waiting For!

Ok, well, its what I have been waiting for. Either way. Yesterday morning I pulled myself away from this adorablenessto purchase the Canon Power Shot S2 IS. Yes , that is right the S2 not the S3(next generation). While the S3 has 6Mpx as opposed to the S2's 5 Mpx and the has a .2" larger display , Consumer Report gave the S2 a higher rating. An 81 over the S3's 76. Plus, it was much cheaper.
But really this is all about visually cataloging this years gardening! First of all I am not going to torture myself with fruitless tomato plants this time around. I just don't get enough sun, period. Last night while the rats took care of more snoozing I put chive, thyme, sweet basil, lavendar and mint seed in separate damp paper towel to germinate.
In 2-3 weeks I should be able to put them in pots .



The weather here is just gorgeous! Its currently 70º in New York. It even feels like 70º. This is making me want to go camping. Who has got the gear and knows where to go? I will put up the tent, cook and sing cum-ba-ya for you. I believe this is a fair exchange.I loved doing this ! I bet I still would...This images were brought to you by Google and the lovely people that posted them.


Don't Smoke & Drive

Canadians, smoke filled car, guys kissing, incest....
What's there not to love about this ad? See for yourself>>



I mentioned before that NPR's This American Life program was taking its everyday observations to visual format. I was so excited. And then I watched the first episode. It wasn't bad... at all really. The shots were interesting and well executived. The stories were, of-course-good, but I can't say that they benefited from the visual accomidation. I should now mention that I had already heard those particular stories on the radio. This may have caused some interference between my imagination and the reality of this everyday situation.
It seem to have the affect of the movie that is based on a great book. Nine times out of ten that movie doesn't hold a candle to the book for millions a different reason.
So, I didn't make effort to see episodes two and three.

And TV posed another problem according to Glass himself: “The default position for radio is empathy,” says Glass. “But the default position for shooting a person with a camera, we realized, is mocking.” For example, when Sylvia unfurls Chance’s skinned hide, the story veers toward Daily Show–style ridicule. “The thought that she could come off as ridiculous, that horrifies me,” says Glass. “That makes me feel like we did her wrong.”

And I guess the couple with the cloned cow did seem a little ridiculous, but that is the way we all are. This is also what makes the show interesting . And the empathy is what separates TAL from every other show using alcohol, editing and their total lack of talent to portray a reality that makes us feel better for making such little effort.


100 Years Of Solitude

by Nobel Prize winning Colombian writer, Gabriel Garcia MárquezAside from what you can read at Wikiwonderful:

  • All of the events of One Hundred Years of Solitude take place in the fictional village of Macondo but relate to historical events.
  • the color and overall status of the Buendía household embody the political and economical stance of Colombia at the time...
  • a picture from the late Remedios is kept in the house through all generations...its holiness worn off and disrespected in the modern world.
  • the troop of red ants that constantly battle the Buendías in their household may represent time: represent Communism (being characteristically red and forming part of a strictly structural society).
I really appreciated how the magical reality mixed with inventions and social change.
Mocando was a new and innocent town. Gypsies would come through with new inventions to would spark interest in some of the characters that would result it their reach for new understanding. Throughout the book the same thing would happen with politics, religion and industrialization. Like all efforts in this world and in our individual lives, with the good comes the bad.
The changes required the suspension of disbelief from all the character. This was necessary of them to allow the change in their society: The education, the political, the industrial, the social and inevitable destruction. I would then gather that the so-called progress didn't take due to the lack of change in the behavior of the characters. The same mistakes or traits can be seen repeating throughout the generations. However I would also conclude that the artificial changes imposed on Mocando/ Colombia were also a mistake.
I say all of this with the understanding that I know little about the struggles in Colombia. Also, I know that this is no book review but my simple observations.
Good recommendation C!



Guess I'll stick around for a while. I am officially a New Yorker. I look really concerned about something in this photo.

*inside voice echo*

'Did I leave the coffee pot on?'

'Should I try hanging everything that sits in my drawers and cabinets on my wall?'

'That soy milk left a funny film on the roof of my mouth.'

'Whew. Vision tests really put me on edge.'


Also, Andrew Womack from The Morning News recounts the best albums from 1981. Check it out for yourself. Here is the general rundown:

10. New Order, Movement

9. The Teardrop Explodes, Wilder

8. Public Image Ltd., The Flowers of Romance

7. Bauhaus, Mask

6. Elvis Costello, Almost Blue

5. Television Personalities,…And Don’t the Kids Just Love It

4. The Cure, Faith

3. This Heat, Deceit

2. Echo & the Bunnymen, Heaven Up Here

Album of the Year: Orchestral Manouevres in the Dark, Architecture and Morality

I don't have all of these but I indent on getting them. Even the albums I do have I haven't listened to in a while. Should be fun.


Hair High

High school coolness is high hair.
Surprisingly enough, I don't think that Bill Plympton was high when he spoke before the midnight screening of his new animation, Hair High, last Sat. He is quite lucid actually. I imagine that someone who is able to build a story entirely based on tangents and visulally articulate a dream state's hypothesises, must be on drugs. Maybe I just have a limited imagination.
This isn't the point though. And neither is this:
Unlike the rest of New York, I don't have celebrity sightings or don't even know it when I do. Well, there was that one time that I got yelled at for walking onto "set"(where else but a Soho cobble stone streets) but I didn't notice the warnings because I was checking out this really cute red-head's amazing skirt and bag combo. Come to find out, it was Miranda. Anyway, meeting him and getting his autograph is at the top of my list. I think I even made him laugh a little.Oh. I found it. The point:
Hair High was another great concoction of plympton's stream of consciousness and unique vision. It is more of the same in some respects. One of those are the sexual overtones, which have me on the floor of my mind laughing my arse off! I don't actually laugh out, which is weird cause I think its pretty funny. The story line did seem to have less tangets than The Tune or So I Married A Strange Person. There was a chicken mascot humping everything in sight, a frog electricuted to life, flies copulating... the usch.


On Bunnies & Eggs

Aaah! I love that one

Thanks Merv
Happy Easter everyone. See you next week.



Bunny Lips

Yes, indeed. Just looking at these bunny lips makes me want to take on the world.
Thanks Buddy. And thank you cuteoverload, who recently revamp their site!

Two Days Will Mark My 29th Year In This World

It could be worse.

Bad Day on the High Sea
oil on canvas 20" diameter 2001

Newstoday introduces Brandon Bird . He uses oil paints to project imagined situation onto pop culture icons.