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Fresno's Sunnyside Bowl-Bowling Alley.
Location: Fresno, CA, US
Date taken: 1961
Photographer: J. R. Eyerman

and dear interestsChair maker working in shop.
Location: Damascus, Syria
Date taken: 1943
Photographer: John Phillips

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A Class Divided

Jane Elliot divided a classroom after Martin Luther King's assassination.brown eyes vs. blue eyes.
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St. Louis home. via



It snowed in NY a couple of weeks ago. I love snow photos.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn off Union Ave.

Light: Don't Cross The Streams

Its as easy as that, and yet I have. It'll make your sockets black or throw out your fuse board so that you have to get your super duper to go down stairs at 10pm and flip your switch. Anyway, I figured out how to get these sculpture hooked up to a dimmer switched so stayed tuned for a demo.



I watched Ken Burn's doc on the Shakers. Their focus on craft and sustainability is inspiring.
They invented the flat broom. I am looking for a good book on their designs and process. Suggestions are welcome.


Pablo Helguera

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Excited to go the cooper union exhibition
Jan 27 - Feb 21
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I will be posting more on my light project next week.


In a city full of people hungry to succeed, where young people flock with visions of making it big, Robert Kobayashi is a rare example of a New York artist who has spent his life working quietly behind closed doors. -Lily Koppel NYT

An unwavering spirit and flowers made from Café Bustelo cans. Very romantic.



Sunburst Quilt

Probably Rebecca Scattergood Savery Done(1770-1855) at the American Folk Art Museum

Robert Ryman

Art 21 artist screening
February 23, 2009:

The Hudson Hotel

6:30 - Cocktails
7:15 - Screening and Conversation


Andreas Banderas

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A film by John Boorman.
I see nothing inside except my own perplexity. Knowledge is not enough. -Sean Connery as Zed


Tilted Arc

by Richard Serra in 1981
COR-TEN steel 120'x12'x2"Commissioned by the GSA for the Federal Building in lower Manhattan
A political power move or genuinely abhorred by the building's inhabitants.
The work was dismantled in 1989.


Beautiful People

A Jasmin Dizdar film. Uncornily uplifting. I immediately thought that Beautiful People was a counter to Greenaway's Zoo.Which I then decided was not accurate. Both are unapologetically magical in the sense that they present an archetypal human motive with a dash of love, tragedy and amputee identity disorder.empathy vs. apotemnophilia
Alas, I believe it was the amputee identity disorder that threw me. Happy New Year. Carry on!