Copulation & Infestation

Bed bugs have penises like knives

from Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno series.


Monday, sometimes.

from Punch Drunk Love

I think I remember the guy in the middle from one of Warhol's screen tests in '64. He's got a focus that you don't find in most gerbils.


Weekend: Biking through Brooklyn

Biked out to beach, Ft. Tilden State Park, the weekend before last. More people than in previous years but still pretty empty.
Then up from the Manhattan bridge to Newtown Creek Sewage Treatment Plant that has a "nature path".

On the way back I stopped by the new Brooklyn Kitchen location (Meeker and Withers). The store now includes The Meat Hook butchery. Very happy bunch of butchers they are.


Time Line Chart Clock!

from boing boing

Smart Illustrations

Ogilvy(Paris) worked with illustrator, Noma Bar, to produce posters for IBM's Smarter Planet campaign.I think good poster design rarely meets big agency advertising, but it does here.
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