I Want Your screamBody

I need one of these perscribed to me. Yes, I said "need".
I must mention how much I enjoy hearing Kelly describe her invention. Her voice has an anti-scream affect. Maybe I just need a Kelly Dobson

As if designing this external organ wasn't good enough, she as also made a great sketch of scream catching process.

I love it.

Now, you. Scram. I gotta scream. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAahhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH



Music: Casiotone for the Painfully Alone

I thoroughly enjoy when clever prose are entangled with uncomfortable emotions or self deprecation. And if you're like me, you're gonna dig Etiquette by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone.

Love Connection •)



Summer 2005


Design: Good Stuff

Mike Joyce was the first person I ever interviewed with in NY. He is super nice; Met me midday July 3rd even though the rest of the office was gone home for the holiday and I didn't know someone that knew him.
Anyway, his new site is up for Stereotype. Good stuff.

Now for those of you that don't visit Hoping for Happy Accidents, she has found a real gem...via MoCo Loco!
Ahhhhhh blogging. Its the new gossip, pass it on. Anyway, I Love Lula. Original. Good Craft. Seems intuitive. Good Stuff.

Nicknames For The Roomies

Snaf Face
Oomp Star
ZerpsMr. T
Rat Face
Sweet Peas

Toodle Luma Luma
Purr Monster
Grump Face
Giglio Brothers
Explosion Face

Jeannius just remembered a few more!

little fuckers
Thanks to Rash for some of the picts.


Sally Sidebar: Fwink

Sally Sidebar recently revealed the emoticon armory's all-purpose flour. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present The Fwink.


Go Ahead. Gimme What You Got.

This weekend I suspended my very own disbelief in the softest, most navy blue way possible. I was going to keep it like a secret but a conversation with a dear confidant convienced me to extend the suspension to you all.


Words You Used To Say

Drench me in dreamy with a side of dry ice. Dean & Britta capture the feeling of falling in love and release it in the form of music. Sweet, sweet, super cool jams. If you see me in person, don't shake me from my daze. I like it here. Thanks for the heads up, Jasson.
They are playing a show in NY on March 30th at Hiro Ballroom.


Designing Duos

Charles & Ray Eames designed to everything from chairs and buildings to collages and short films. I have one of their chairs and my eyes set on another with ottoman(top right)... that one is gonna take a while though.

Massimo & Lella Vignelli
Quite the handsome couple, no? While Massimo handled 2D design, Lella took 3D. That is the previous New York Metro Map in the bottom right.
Rudy VanderLans & Zuzana Licko

He focused on magazine layouts. She handled type design. Together, the founder and co-founder(respectively) of Emigre, illustrated genius. This is no opinion, merely one of the basic axiom on which we exist. Also, the handling of their photograph is a perfect descrtion of their work.
New-comers, Claire & Olivier, were recently posted on Newstoday. They are my new favorite. I love the colors and abstract approach.


Week In Review

Song of the week: Bread by On! Air! Library!
"Shaking in your bones is required to dream above colossal empires."

I forget where I found this image but it looks
like the 1980s version of clocky, no?
Cardigan Couple at Killer Pot Luck Art Party

The NPR program This American Life branching out into television.

The way I feel about you.

Marilyn Monroe lamp

Kill Your Darlings

I love the surrealistic posture of Southern culture.


Keep Your Deviled

I have had a strange relationship with eggs all my life. On time when I was 2 yrs old my Grandma fed my 5 scrambled eggs in one sitting. My mother cut me off despite my babbles for more. A few years of decision-making later I cut all meat and most egg out of my diet. You see, I would not hold it against a food item if egg was one of its ingredients. Take cake or brownies for instance; I had no problem with their egg content. The bottom line for the last 25 yrs has been: if I can't taste egg, smell egg or see egg then all is "go" for consumption. I am not saying that this makes or made any sense.
Recently, when I was doing a year-end-review of my life I was like, 'heh, that whole egg rule doesn't make any sense. Weird. Why am I still doing this?...' And then I though, 'umm.. you're doing this because eggs are spongy and grotty.' Well the convo went on for a while and then I got bored and thought of something else.ps. this is my first phone camera piece. It has an unique (read crappy) quality and yet I still like it.
A few weeks later, I saw this appetizing post by steak and potatoes, which then made me think of all the times my mouth has watered watching omelettes pass me by. Finally, last Sunday, I woke up, bought a six pack of organic eggs and, with the help of C, made my first omelette.
First I caramelized onions. Those were added to the beaten eggs, cream cheese and some thyme.
And then(!) I ate the partially naked egg.... and I liked them.