But does it float

Herbert Weber
Ricky Allman
great blog


the GOAL

to be a NASA artist.

You've got to watch this if you haven't already. Its about magnetic fields . I like . I want to make . to understand . yes please.


≥ Or ≥

little birdy told me about gerhard richter's sitespeaking of chirps eye just tweeted about bad science
speaking of my eye concern'The First Sign of Trouble' 1986 Trouble Magazine featured in '95 Eye Magazine


ee : ee (ee)

I am a monkey and these are my vacation homes.top image from ouno. I don't remember where I found the earth mound.


Sowing Seeds

Its that time of year! I am planting seeding and posting updates of growth progress. I really would like to set up a couple of window planters to maximize photosynthesis and flowering, but we will see. I've got a lot on my plate this year which accounts for the post slow down.
This year I will plant: tomato, zinnia, lemon basil and dill. stay tuned.
Image from a David Lynch short.



GUTEN TOUCH from Multitouch Barcelona on Vimeo.

I might just being feeling a little emotional because its Monday but the technological progress that we made in the past 10 years is very exciting. Oh this note, I should let you all know that I have joined the ranks of twits though I know not yet for what purpose. You can find me at like_love.



Thanks to friends and family I had a lovely birthday weekend.