Weekend: Yonder

I finally went camping! I have been talking about wanting to go for months now. However, I am not exactly the camping type. I mean I know how to put up a tent, and start a fire(with charcoal of course) but to put things into perspective for you, I also brought my razor and foundation(makeup). Ahem, cause a lady is always prepared. Anyway, lucky for me I found a willing soul with the same experience and blind ambition for adventure. Originally we were going to camp out in the "wilderness" of Fire Island, a skinny strip off of Long Island, NY.Click image to enlarge

When we first called they said the camp sites were full for the weekend but that we could walk out a few miles and set up camp where ever we found a clearing. Now... when we got there Ranger Smith informed us that not only was it the worst time for mosquitoes but we also had to be very careful of ticks....especially the deer tick. And that 50% of all Fire Island ticks were deer ticks. They were the very ticks that carry lyme disease.... and 50% of the deer tick population was carrying the disease... And there was an 100% chance that we would get some kind of tick on us when we went into the wilderness because of all the grass and dunes we had to walk through. Of course, the campsites didn't possess these same tick threats. Immediately my new favorite camping buddy managed to get us a campsite. Whew! We bought peel-back-lid cans of fruit. Emptied the fruit out for breakfast. Then filled the cans with water and set them over our flame on the grill. Next dropped eggs in to cook. Camping buddy designed a soft boiled egg holder and opened the eggs with his trusty scissors. Unfortunately we found ourselves without the scissors when it was time to divide the soap for showers. So camping buddy drilled a hole in the soap with a pen, thus making easily halved.
So, armed with a pen, scissors and a bottle of sake we braved the weekend in one of the most lovely landscapes I've seen, all of a 3 min walk from the beach.
There was lots of beach art that was really quite interesting
I will post some non-cell-phone-photos soon.


Gimme Room

Daye just sent me this . My whole I-love-art-and-design thing is merely fodder-for-money till I retire and dedicate the rest of my life to designing a visually pleasing and utilitarian domestic environment.Bean wrote a nice piece in Bene on Aldo Cibic's views on home decor that I appreciated.
"The items had a sense of color and play, but were more accessible and lifestyle-oriented than Memphis's ornate designs. " -ALDO CIBIC



So, I have begun thinking of possible Halloween costumes. Last year I was windblown and I am considering dedicating a lifetime of Halloweens to exploring this notion. However, I also wouldn't mind being Log Lady from Twin Peaks.


Weekend: Culture-free

I mean... Free culture.Friday, I went to the Psychedelic Summer of Love show at Whitney. It was Free (on Fridays) and crowded but not terribly so. The show was fun. There were a lot of posters and animations with abstract expressionistic shapes and colors. Good for kids and designers.
Sunday, Band of Horses played at McCarren Park Pool in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Also free! Such pleasant boys... They played some new of their new tunes which sounds very Southern/Good-ol'-fashion-American rock 'n' roll.


Mork & Mindy. Nanu Nanu! I loved(!) that Mork could drink water with his finger. However, I was never crazy about his scoop neck.


Meanwhile, In India

I have to say I am pretty obsessed with this video. I love the costumes, the MJ moves, I love that the shot where the guy is singing in a sea of shinny blue butts.. and there is some seriously sexy shaking going on... I could go on and on...
Thanks Chris

The Philippine Prison Company Presents...

Thriller. I believe this piece speaks for itself. Thanks Asher

My How You've Grown

So, I lost an iridescent light and gained a fluorescent. I can't say that I was altogether excited about the change in my hallway lighting but seeing as I had no choice I have been looking at ways to embrace it. For one, I will be saving energy. ummm I could also look into the cool color covers.. possibly add more fluorescents and do a little piece...ahemMy old light cover does make a cute potter, no? Also, last post I told you I would figure out what all the plants are but that was a lie. Yeah... so deal with that. I have no clue what the above plant is.

Basil & Chives
Tts been a month since i have given you an update on the plants. It killing you, right? If you are just now joining us, allow me to explain.left is basil. right is tomato
For the past two years(more than that if you count all failed attempts *sigh*) I have been nurturing various plant specimen from seed to their eventual decay. Last year I had a great quantity in terms of plant count and size of plant. This year I did more pruning and paid closer attention to watering needs. The chives survived this year and I think the key was less water. The basil leave are a big and the green darker, whereas last year the plant shape was larger and the leaves were smaller and pale.from left to right: vine and basil, sweet potato, thyme
I think this is due to giving the roots to each individual plant plenty of room. sweet potato
I have also been using fertilizer. Also this potato has been in water about a week.



So as I mentioned in my previous post, I shot some 8mm rolls over the weekend. I haven't used my camera in years and didn't have a projector to see the film that I shot... Didn't up until now! Last night S and I made a journey into the depths of Queens to pick up our Super 8 package. A projector and screen for me, a super 8 camera for him and some flood lights to share! The couple selling the equipment was so adorable. The man showed us how to splice the film and how everything worked. The woman thought it was so funny that we wanted this old equipment that they hadn't used since their honeymoon in Switzerland. More to come on this topic. Possibly some images....


Weekend: Awesomeness

I had one of the best weekends....that I can think of right now, since like, childhood. Maybe that one day when I was 6 and I spent the entire day in my tire swing after a tee ball tournament was better, but I can't be sure.
This weekend was spent helping some friends make an animation/music video. There was some stop animation of people with a digital camera and then at leasts 3 2.5 min. reels of 8mm film shot outside at the Giglio Festival in Williamsburg. This included a lot of Italian men carrying a giant Catholic obelisk-like structure down the streets.
These are some digital shots of the carnival from the ferris wheel.


Food Fight

Stephen recently finish his stop animation piece. Its not short but you should definitely watch this! Its thoughtful & funny... really... what more do you want out of anything?

Fake Is The New Real

I like the way this guy/girl thinks. Displayed interests and thoughts in a very simple an easy to understand manner.
Very low resolution images

San Francisco subway lines


This Blows

Thanks Daye ;)

Apt 3B At Night

I came home last night and there were 4 empty Zima bottles and Zoe could hardly focus.

Next to him laid my camera. In his drunken stooper Zoe has taken 106 shots of Tosca's (my other cat) ass and one of this shadow on my wall.


Sally Sidebar: Amazing

Thanks Merv


Swiss Legacy. More great blogging. They keep up with the legends and smart design like this poster from artschoolreject.com.



My new favorite blog, Manystuff, recently featured Thomas Traum. I mean.... its just great to wake up to the internet sometimes. There are perfectly culled blog and amazing designer/artist everywhere.

You're The City Type

Not sure of the artist. Thanks Merv


Happy Birthday!

Too my super-talented, super-sweet friend, Brandon.

Walk It Out

Genius. Thanks Daye & Chris


2007 Waterbath Summit

The question is clear. How do we improve on the world's Waterbaths? You've gotta advertise. You've gotta say, 'WE ARE squirrel friendly. We are CAT friendly. Bird baths ARE a thing of the past!' But how do we do this? Coming together again this year are leaders of Waterbaths from around the world.
Stagg St. btwn Union and Lorimer, Williamsburg Brooklyn


We're All Delirious

Thoughts on three neighboring buildings(c. 1910) in New York:

"The Flatiron's mere multiplication lacks meaning; the Metropolitan Life Building has meaning, but it is compromised by the contradicition between its pretense of isolation and the reality of its location on just one of many plots on the same block, each poised to steal its thunder; and Madison Square Garden cannot make enough money to justify the extravagance of its metaphors.
But when the three are put together their weaknesses become strengths: the Tower lends meaning to the multiplication, the multiplication pays for the metaphors on the ground floor, and the conquest of the block assures the Tower isolation as sole occupant of its island.
The true Skyscraper is the product of this triple fusion." - Rem Koolhaas, Delirious New York

I believe, this idea serves serveral other relationships.


It was Jane's (bosslady's) birthday last Friday so I made her this construction paper-scaled card.
I wanna make shelves for my room. Ideally, I will find wood. Not because I don't want to buy but I like the idea of recycling. I also like the idea of making something like shelves and making them well so that I can hang onto them. Then I will have a little piece of Williamsburg, Brooklyn where ever I go. And if I don't go anywhere then I will have a piece of time frozen to hold my sweaters. Anyhoo, I love the faded blue of the police barricades. There has been two of them laying on the sidewalk near my apt. for the past week. In my blissful youth I wouldn't have thought twice about permanently borrowing them. Alas, with age comes reason and a chilling fear of a NY jail cell. And whatevs, I am not crazy about the white stencil type either.