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Designed in '80-'81 by Doublespace. Its hard to believe that my old creative director designed this magazine in some respects. The work I experienced there was much less exploratory. However, the spirit remains.


Cause Tapered Is In

Have a Good Weekend. Thanks Master Chris


Talent Show

So this is a clip of the puppet show B and I preformed at the talent show my friends and I made. So much fun!
Much thanks to Brandon, the script writer and Zoey puppeteer extraordinaire . Thanks to Diego for recording and James for pulling it into YouTube. I'd like to thank the Academy and alll the little people.....
More talent...
King Lear With Beer

David Sings About James(of whom we celebrated this night)

Colbs' Comedy


David Lynch

So I was flipping through the second issue of Spread Magazine and came across an interview with David Lynch. Has anyone read his book, Catching Big Fish, on meditation yet? Anyway, in addition to dicussing his career as a film maker and his new book, he also talked about painting. He actually set out to become a painter, studying at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Some of his favorites: Francis Bacon , Edward Hopper and René Magritte. These remind me of Eraser Head


First Day

As some of you know, I just started my new job. We'll leave the company name out for more flexibility.
Anyway, so far so good! The people seem really happy here and the work up on the walls is smart. Also! Shepared Fairey was here last night putting up a mural/collage. Very cool.
Two funny mentions: I was given an amussingly large quatity of reading material. And I found a bowl of jelly in one of my drawers.


Ready. Set. Compete

Please note that The Salvation Army is not just doing good...
Posted outside the Salvation Army Building on 14th St. near 7th Ave(?)



Thanks Chris


Its :-) 25th B'day

"Twenty-five years ago, Carnegie Mellon University professor Scott E. Fahlman says, he was the first to use three keystrokes -- a colon followed by a hyphen and a parenthesis -- as a horizontal "smiley face" in a computer message." -CNN
Thanks Brandon



So, as I mentioned before I have been making puppets for a talent show that happened this weekend.
I don't have any good photos of them, sadly, but this will give you a good idea of what they look like. They are modeled after my two cats.The talent show was a lot of fun. I am blessed with some very talented and fun friends. This was the stage for the puppets. Brandon and I made it to look like an old television. I should also mention that Brandon wrote an adorable script.

Present Present

I remember clearly when the Berlin Wall came down. The whole world was excited, even a sassy 11 year-old in the small town of Lawrenceville, GA (ahem, where Larry Flint was shot). I was in Spencer's Gifts at the mall pleading with my father to buy a piece of the wall for me. I argued for historic value. He said it was a fake. In retrospect he was probably right.Santi arrived from Germany last night and my wishes for wall were granted. I think I will make it a little self. In addition to wall I received this great book on Berlin's Street Art! The art work very unique and expressive. muchos gracias precioso



I first notice Good Magazine on Bean's coffee table and was immediately drawn to its design-for-designers look. It looked like the designer was given complete control. Come to find out, this entitled individual was none other than Scott Stowell of Open.
A little much with the tiny section mnemonic system maybe but everything was immediate. There are charts and briefs on a variety subjects that give you enough information to know whether or not you want to explore on your own. For example, the peace sign was design by British commercial artist, Gerald Holtom, in 1958. It is the combination of the semaphoric signals for the letter "N" and "D". Nuclear Disarmament. There was also coverage on some of Buckminster Fuller's achievements in the most recent issue.
The best part about Good Magazine is that 100% of your money goes to help the organization of your choice. Subscribe.


Cut That Copy

Designers & writers notoriously lock horns. Jason just sent me this post on Noisy Decent Graphics, which is a nice blog-check it out. I thought one of the comments on the post was hilarious. see below
One of the comments left:
Posted on behalf of James Denley (Writer).

Subject: writethedesignerschristmascard

Fucking designers, I fucking hate them. They call copy text. Think five point's far too fucking big for body type and that anything longer than three words is too long for a headline. They don't believe that anybody ever reads more than 40 words at a time, despite vast, best selling novels with millions of words in, and even the sports section of the Sun, which is about their level, especially when reading Design Week gets too exciting for them and they can't cope with the adrenalin rush of reading another long article on the decline of well honed typography (with which, I have to admit, I have some sympathy) - and it's true they can't spell or at least only phonetically. Shit, knew I shouldn't have written that, it's five syllables or should that have been silabulls or maybe syllabubs, even, and I believe that they are almost all closet jazz fans and get positively orgasmic over endless John Coltrane meanderings for ever and ever and aren't very rock 'n' roll, although they won't admit it, in case it's uncool and they must never be accused of that, since it's tantamount to getting six points on their artistic licenses and is point blank guaranteed to ruin their amateur standing for all time and then some. And anyway, their houses and flats are always too minimal and anal and tidy and perfectly propped, and they always ask you to come up with ideas for Christmas cards at the end of November, because they haven't thought of any and they can't be arsed and think it's a writing problem. As if all the writers aren't already too busy ripping up the Christmas cards they've written to their Mums, because they didn't like the greeting and they've thought of a better way of doing it, except it's too long and the fucking designers will only moan about it or set it in three point, and besides, not only do I know who Mike Dempsey is, he's one of my heroes. Love and kisses, your old pal, A. Anon.xx

I have a terrible time spelling and not because I don't know how, I just .... don't get around to checking it before it, whatever it may be, is sent or viewed by another... I guess. Or because I am a designer. Anyhoo I do love jazz and usually listen to it while I am at home alone. Though, one might note that copywriters f*#king love the sound of their own voice, so its difficult to hear the music playing when they are around. Having said that I will agree with you on the anal-designer syndrome. While you're at it you should also mention that most designer are obnoxiously obsessed with collecting anything that involves sweatshops or plastic items that do not serve at purpose outside or being "rad".
Oh but we all love each other in the end, no? I will be working with a copywriter at my new job. I am really looking forward to working with concepts again!

Weekend: Activities

Deitch Gallery hosted an art parade in west Soho this past Saturday. So I set out for the affair on my bike from my apartment Brooklyn. I have never ridden my bike into Manhattan before so this was kind of an adventure.Photos from the Williamsburg Bridge.
After crossing the bridge I took an accidental detour up to Thompson Square Park where they were also celebrating the arts. There were canvases lined up around the edge of the park and people were painting.
Later on that night I went home to hang out with the boys and work on puppets I am making for a puppet show I am putting on for a talent show that will be held for my friend James' birthday this Saturday. *deep breath*
After I tossed back some carrots and Tosca killled a six pack, I got to work
while Tosca stripped and pranced around the apartment singing Christmas carols.
F#*king weirdo.


Interactive Designer Wanted

So, I have decided to take a new job! Thusly would like to find an able and willing body to replace me. Help me out! New Yorkers, If you see an interactive designer, Say something!
Here is what you need to know:

is a 25-year old integrated communications agency – we have the heart of a design company powered by the intelligence of a marketing organization. We develop breakthrough creative solutions including high-impact brand identities, emotive multi-media campaigns, engaging new products and innovative new business concepts for market-leading brands across the entertainment, publishing, consumer products/retail, financial services, technology, energy and non-profit sectors. The company’s client history includes work with such leading brands as: GUESS Watches, ELLE, ELLE Décor, Graco Children’s Products, Citibank, MasterCard, U.S. Trust, Morgan Stanley, Rodale Publishing, MTV Networks, Time Warner, Warner Music, Crunch Fitness, Ben & Jerry’s, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Since its founding, Doublespace has produced a portfolio of award-winning work that has been featured in numerous national and international museum collections, books, and publications around the world.

We are looking for a flash designer with the discipline to create well-crafted flash pieces and the wisdom to know when to just crank it out–with panache. We want someone who can brainstorm with the team, set up a
basic plan of action and act on that plan with confidence. This is someone who can adapt when the plan changes unexpectedly and is always looking for an even better solution to the task at hand. Tasks will include creating banners, microsites, and concept pieces while collaborating with our interactive team. The flash designer will work with onsite designers and offsite developers to help Doublespace create strong, usable, beautiful experiences.

-Minimum 2 years Flash design - both timeline and action-script based work
-BFA in design
-Must be a Mac user: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver all required
-Able to work on previously established design direction · Proficient with HTML/basic web design
-Self-sufficient with a continuously evolving design

Also a plus:
-Aftereffects experience
-Javascript and XML

Salary based on experience.

Send a copy of your resumé, online portfolio and sample links to
Jane Kosstrin. Applications without portfolios and samples will
not be considered.

Also very important note: Bagels every Friday! I kid you not.


25 Worlds Weirdest Animals

See them all here.
Pop Culture influences nature in the Yeti Crab, discovered in 2005.

The Probascis monkey in pop culture

Amazing. Graphic. Blob fish.



Santi left tonight for Germany where he will be attending Documenta 12.

The leitmotifs are:
1. Is modernity our antiquity?
2. What is bare life?
3. Concerning education- What is to be done?

Foto: Frank Schinski
The exhibition, located in Kassel, was started by Arnold Bode in 1955. I am not immediately finding much info on Bode, in English, but I did find a Gerhard Richter portrait of him
You can get the catalogue at Taschen Books.


"During World War II the Army Corps of Engineers needed to hide the Lockheed Burbank Aircraft Plant to portect ti from a Japanese air attack. They covered it with camouflage netting and trompe l'oeil to make it look like a rural subdivision from the air." -UNKNOWN WEB SOURCEThis was a big time for the Army Corps Engineers as they were also in control of the Manhattan Project from 1941-1946.Thanks Jas