Weekend: Nuts

This was in my avocado

Santi came home with a story about this little guy throwing bits of bark down from a tree he was sitting underneath.



Richard Euringer, director of the libraries in Essen, identified 18,000 works deemed not to correspond with Nazi ideology, which were publicly burned. cerca 1930's-1940's


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Jig from KioskSecured dream catcher. Not sure of source.

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Weekend: Hojas

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From A Universal History of the Destruction of Books
"Its a common error to attribute the destruction of books to ignorant men unaware of their hatred. After twelve years of study, I've concluded that the more cultured a nation or a person is, the more willing each is to eliminate books under the pressure of apocalyptic myths. In general, biblioclasts are well-educated people, cultured, sensitive, perfectionists, painstaking, with unusual intellectual gifts, depressive tendencies, incapable of tolerating criticism, egoists,
mythomaniacs, members of the middle or upper classes, with minor traumas in their childhood or youth, with a tendency to belong to institutions that represent constituted power, charismatic, with religious and social hypersensitivity. To all that we would add a tendency to fantasy. In sum, we have to forget the stereotype of the savage book destroyer. Ignorant people are the most innocent."
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Fahrenheit 451

Title sequence by Syd Cain for Fran├žois Truffant's 1966 film based on Ray Bradbury's sci fi novel. No typography was used.An announcer read the credits as a series of still images of tv antennas were shown. Featured in the recent issue of Eye.



President Martti Ahtisaari

According to the Swedish industrialist and inventor Alfred Nobel's will the Peace Prize should be awarded "to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.


Happy 50th Birthday NASA

EarthRise, 1968 The Last Whole Earth Catalog described this image as: “The famous Apollo 8 picture of Earthrise over the moon that established our planetary facthood and beauty and rareness (dry moon, barren space) and began to bend human consciousness.”NASA has always been a topic of conversation at Whitt reunions. Papa helped to make the shields that the shuttles would launch off of. And my dad and two of his siblings got their first jobs there. I have always admired their engineering minds.