Wanna go to El Museo with me this weekend?
"Theodore Roosevelt" by Marius De Zayas.
Web image found during my De Zayas search.


We Are Midway

Our, sometimes, informant Myrvn has been working with Chris Jordan via IBM to investigate how our waste travels.


Colloquially Know as Pot

A variable resistor or rheostat. Okay, I am not going to pretend that I really know much about this. Its my giant dimmer that can handle a lot of wattage. My uncle gave it to me as a safety precaution in testing my light pieces.Also, check out Gideon's piece in Harper's, Tokeville: On the frontiers of Federalism and Dope



top: Screenshot from Rivers and Tides, a doc on Andy Goldsworthy
bottom: Gerhard Richter painting