Sidebar Sally: US vs. Other

So, if this is a list of the world's countries sorted by their Gross Domestic Product(GDP),

then this is the us states renamed for countries with corresponding GDPS.
Also, if cali were a country, it would be the 6th or 7th largest economy in the world. Thanks Jason


I love all my design crushes equally but I have to bring up Marian Bantjes again. Her new piece is both amusing and beautiful.
Bantjes explains, "Like most of us, I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. There are days when these voices from the internet seem to ask for so much from me. Caught between seduction and hard sell, I hesitate. Are these lost opportunities, or merely invitations to broken promises?"
She is so cool.


Composition in Blue

Animation by Oskar Fischinger(1900-1967). His work exemplifies exploration.



Found Aiweiwei's work below through Work(totally on it) who was in a wonderfully culled group of links on It's Nice That that was recommended by everyone's domestic darling. Thought this was pretty effing awesome.


To-Stay Containers

Commitment flavored with freedom.

The Brooklyn Renegade Craft fair was held at McCarren Park pool this past week and anyone that wanted to cook in the sun while perusing crafts was there. As for myself, I aquired two new wrinkles and the most adorable porcelain dish. Its modeled after a little debbie cup! I found it at the Gourmet Collection booth by Lorena Barrezueta. She "reintroduces the ubiquitous disposable tin food container in fine porcelain ."
Another item that I recently aquired is this bunny "tea bag" dish. He and two of his friends were given to me by Amy. Darlings.


Popular Pantones

A list of the most popular Pantone® colors according to Jeannius' printer translated by yours truly for aspiring child designers.

Cop Some Jazz

This past weekend I went to see Let's Get Lost by Bruce Weber at the Film Forum. Its a documentary on Chet Baker's rise as an amazing jazz musician and his battle with addiction. The film was produced in 1988 and won an Academy Award for Best Documentary in 1989. It features footage of Baker before his death(on May 13, 1988) and interviews with angry, disenfranchised ex-wives juxtaposed with images from the prime of his career/life.
He played the trumpet and sang in the same soft yet solid style. Very unique. I could go on and on but you can see the film , check out the music, read the wiki entries... In my opinion its worth the time.


Plant Update: What in the heck is that?

So, this is the last update.

I would like to preface this update with a confession. I wasn't very organized about this. I don't know which is lavendar and which is thyme but I think all in question are thyme. And then there are mystery plants. I know that I stuck some potato-eye chunks into a few pots and that may be our answer. However, they weren't all necessarily potatoes but definitely root plants. I guess my next plant update post willl have to be to identify! The biggest mystery is that I seem to a healthy tomato plant on my hands. I specifically said I wasn't planting tomato this year. I guess I used some old dirt with left over seeds from last year(?) Oh! and then bad news; Chicken and egg dropped out of the race. The pressure was too great for them.The smaller sprouts are basil and I am not sure about the viney one.From left to right: basil, bail, chiveFrom left to right: Zoey, dying basil sprout and then in the far right pot we have some sort of potato/root vegetable and the mystery tomato plant in the bottom corner!Finally from left to right: thyme (the pink arrow is pointing to a mystery sprout) and chive with basil sprout


Sound & Vision

Late Night Tales & Another Late Night are compilations mixed by musicians and djs released on Azuli Records. These releases started in 2005. So, if you are in a rut with your music maybe you should pick one up.

The mixed tape is a gateway drug. .....................................................................................................................................

One continuous line drawing preformed and set to music ( or the other way around, no hierarchy is intended).


Superstition live on Sesame Street

Amazing performance. Isn't that little tot totally rad?!
AND an unbelievable drum solo here.
Thanks Merv!


I Am Not A Designer, I Am An Artist

...and a total choad
I am reposting from Newstoday but you need to watch this!
Now, I know choads are people too and I am in no position to throw stones, but someone else threw them for us and I am yuckin' it up! I also have to say that designer, in general, make themselves easy targets. We are so very vain, with the scarfs, the sneakers, the tiny Japanese collection items....
Chaz and his thinking outside the pyramid has to be my favorite.


To My Liking

I think this is 24th st. inbetween 9th & 10th aves.
On my way to Printed Matter last week I passed by a b'ball court around 10th ave. & 18th st.:
My new bag! Its Kris Kross meets friendship bracelets(of which I will now be making! Remember those?)

Gratuitous Cat Pictures!

Breakfast with Tosca. He would later pick up pear pieces with his paw. And while I wasn't looking, he would shove them under my PCU.
*This picture is out of focus but I just liked the kitty eye contact.
Nap with Zoey. He should be Zooey since he is a boy but he doesn't seem bothered by this.



This was on Apartment Therapy a few months back. I can't find the exact link but I think the guy's name is Paul. Hiiiiii Paulllllllll *wink*There are many elements that I like here. The hammock. Teal and rose red by way of gold illumination. A ladder! What I wouldn't give for a little brick. Lighting options. If I had a band it would be called "Kill The Overhead". Overall, there are a lot of things to bump into slash its kinda like a grown-up's playground! My first album would be called "Don't Grow Up"

Your Summer Anthem

from Still Flyin'
Thanks Bearded Fred!


Plant Update

so from right to left, top to bottom: cadmium, thyme and chive, mostly basil with a splash of potato, basil, potato...I think(?), look at the side view(!) its fuzzy. what did I plant?!
ahem. bottom row: thyme, basil and basil.
I am fertilizing this weekend.


Pre Pre

My new t-shirt design/anti-design.2007 © copyright
So...I consider myself to be pretty particular about my environment. I love my coffee table and will eyeball any sucker that doesn't use a coaster. Having said that, my cat sh*ts right outside of his box every. single. day. since I moved in 2004 to B'burg. Maybe Tosca doesn't like hipsters.
Whatever. To the point.
In the past, when I have been engrossed in what I was doing, ON OCCASION, I have spilt some liquids and/or solids on my shirt.
So, with all the fabulous, faduous(fad-like, faddy.) t-shirts about, I thought a PreStained™ T might stick.
This is the general idea, but I will post the finals on like-love.com shortly.

By the by, but more importantly(!), the typeface used in the image above is Matrix Inline Script by Emigre. Dreamy. Who doesn't love that "E"? Its a lovable "E". The seduction of the "D", we can discuss privately.


New Pot: Put This In Your Pipe And Smoke It

You'll recall my first attemptYou see it was too flimsy. If I made the whole pot thicker it would have taken a very long time to cook. This means I would have had to endure a long period of funny clay-cooking smell. This time would have been punctuated by moments of panic that my apt was filling with smoke but not being sure if it was just the funny smell that was making me think that I was seeing smoke and then I would've had to clean my contacts at least three times....
Anyway, the key is cooking the pot in small circular pieces and weaving them together.