Brooklyn Brooklyn

Comic book store window display off Metropolitan
Sunday Love vintage shop off Grand


Arne Croel

Aaaah I cringe when a family member or close friend asks me to help one of their friends out with a web site or logo. Its usually an unfavorable experience. Recently, my aunt asked me to take a look at her photographer friend's photos and was wondering if I could help him get a portfolio on line. Thankfully now there are sites that help you ei indexhibit and wix.
Also(!) turns out that my aunt's friend, Ame, has made some beautiful images.

Weekend: February inside

Today is gorgeous (which begs the question, 'What am I doing inside?!) but New York's Feb has been a tough one over all.The upswing is that I reassessed the lighting in my apt and its got a really warm feel now. I am levitating in this photo, by the way.If my cats had a band this would be their debut album cover. Its gotta city-boys-who-see-themselves-as-folky nonchalance to it.


We're Live!

Finally got my portfolio together. Check it out


Remember green?

Bushwick, Brooklyn



A series of 10 digital collages created specifically for the 2010 exhibit Emigre at Gallery 16 celebrating Emigre's 25th anniversary. 34 x 46 inches. by Rudy VanderLans