I feel You

First of all, I recently read a great account, written by one Gideon Lewis-Kaus, about an interactive play made by way of reservations and written real-time by the viewer (in this instance, Gid) and and an Indian woman over the phone . I'd love to hear what you think.
Secondly, I saw Yin Xiuzhen's work the Alexander Ochs gallery in Berlin. This particular piece was there. From the elongated truck, Chinese ballads were playing through weak speakers.Finally, HFHA recently posted these lovely bruises but I also love this Human Manifesto. Everyone saw this, right?


Yurt Kidding Me

In the search for the perfect get-away spot to send Santi smoothly sailing into his thirties I ran across a rental yurt powered by solar panels... ehm but I am not finished.... in the middle of a horse field . Neheheheeeat!So for those of you who haven't researched the dwelling structures used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia, a yurt is portable, felt-covered, wood lattice-framed and from the photos that I have seen, its generally round.
This Buryat yurt is a little different but also cool.
pre-felted yurt
wiki says, "In Russian the structure is called "yurta", whence the word came into English." I like that the word whence is worked into this entry. ceiling
The jury is out on whether I can get reservations but keep your fingers crossed.// The yurt is booked till Sept. :/

Almost Everything

I know you can read and that you are plenty hip to all the radical happenings but just in case .....
Brian Eno and David Byrne will release their new album, Everything That Happens Will Happen Today in a week.Go to everythingthathappens.com, and sign up to recieve one of the songs, Strange Overtones, for free.
Eno wrote most of the music while Byrne composed the vocal melodies and sang.And Sagmeister is designing the packaging.


Weekend: Pleasant Surprise

S and I were riding around Williamsburg and Greenpoint and came across this little park by the East river facing Manhattan. More photos here
I went to my friend, Tanya's, 5 floor walk-up Chinatown apartment this weekend to celebrate her birthday. There was a three piece band in her bedroom which included an upright bass, an accordion and a guitar.french pressed cocktail

Plant Update

The tomatoes have grown the most. Do you see how curvy the plant on the right is? It was crush by falling window shades but pulled through in the end. What does not kill us....
Taking its sweet thyme to grow
Cilantro is getting there.
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If you haven't already watched Gnarls Barkley's video, Who's Gonna Save My Soul, then you should.


Friday Night Lights

Its hot.
The hydrant going off right outside the park.
A park in brooklyn off Ten Eyck and Stagg btn Union and Lorimer


Beauty Comes From Within

Andrew Ross explores ways to use bovine bones that would otherwise be incinerated.
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Sorry about the repost but VVork just did a great run of plant posts like this piece, Waiting for Rain, by Carla Mattii


Eva Hesse

more here
I am currently playing with resin and wax. I'll let you know how it goes.



In a Battle of Cock and Bull

The shopped Iranian missile test photo attempts to trump the C.I.A.'s falsified WMD information, failing miserably in category"devastating" but showing good form in "absurdity".
And for category "hilarity"


The Second One Is Always Worse

If you appreciate typography and loathe the current US administration, then you'll love Benoit Lemoine's poster
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The skulls of genocide victims are lined up on shelves at the Ntarama Church Memorial in Rwanda, where 5000 people were slaughtered in 1994. The Rwandan Genocide killed 800,000 people in only three months, many of whom were massacred in schools and churches like this one, where they crowded in hoping for sanctuary. (Photo courtesy of Scott Chacon.) via MIT


Shoe-In spiration

from Converse

Plant Update

A little over 2 months ago I planted cilantro, rosemary, tomato and thyme seeds. Today the tomato has grown the most with cilantro, thyme and rosemary far behind. The tomato seem really strong while I worry that the thyme won't make it through 2 more weeks. Previous post
yellow=rosemary, orange=thyme


Margo Hoff

Egypt 1955
"Cracked Pepper" 1985, Collage on Panel, 3'x3'
Chicago, Wayne Ave., 1946 and Sunning
"White Shadow" 1988, Canvas Collage, 32"x34"
more here. Thanks B-