Again, Flat has managed to produce a both interesting and functional web site. How do they keep doing it?! .... Thaaaaa-nk youuuuuu Flaaaaaaat; talented bastards.


That's it. That's all I got right now.


Faites-vous liberté de speek


French language and typography Pierre-Simon Fourneir

Avant Garde
Paul Iribe

The Union des Artistes Modernes
Studio Draeger

A small sample of this amazing book. Thanks Jeannius.

Je voudrais etre faite sur meure
pour toi, pour toi
Mais, je suis readymade par la nature,
pour quoi, pour quoi?
Comme jene ne le sais pas j'ai fait des rectifications
Pour moi—

(I would like to be made to measure
for you, for you
But I am ready made by nature,
for what, for what?
Since I don't know I have made adjustments
For me—)
-Ettie Stettheimer

Pardon my....but poignant still:
A man and women were walking up 9th Ave as I was walking down. The man was obviously unloading his misguided relationship woes. The woman, though casual in gate, was taking it all in.
"How the fuck can you care about me, when you don't fucking care about yourself...know what I am sayin'?!"


The New Me

Before Taoism:
I can't quite decide whether I like bananas or oranges better.

After Taoism:
I will eat whichever presents itself to me first, possibly both.

I feel so free.

I Am Converting To Taosim

Wait, does this mean I won't use my computer anymore?


NYC 2003

I found this while looking through some photos.


How Could It Be Wrong

Is it wrong that I adore a web site? Its not just because its visually appealing, I promise!... I mean, it certainly doesn't hurt *giggles* It is also very well organized and has got great hierarchy...so hot.

Art 21 (Art in the twenty-first century ) is the first national PBS program about contemporary American art and artists. Art21.org was created by the fine designers at Open and Flat


Never Judge A Day By Its Morning

Saturday morning: Its suppose to be 68º, overcast and rainy. *sigh* I have to pull everything out from under my bed to find my comfortable heels. There is a 45 min. subway/walk commute in the heels to a 2.5 hr. service, of which I had no idea what to expect, ahead of me.
I accidently get on the A train instead of the C sending me soaring up to 102nd. However, the downtown C came to get me to the synagogue on W. 83rd in time. I wasn't late, but on time; huge sigh of relief. And so begins my boss' daughter's bat mitzvah; my first.
Overall, the ceremony was beautiful. The Rabbi had well a placed humor and a surprisingly similar vocal rhythm as a protestant preacher (sans fits of red-faced exclamations). Oh...aaaand it turns out I was at a b’not mitzvah so there was two girls sharing the ceremony. Some of the highlights include: the girls singing together, the Torah toting, attempting to sing what I don't understand and seeing my boss as a proud mother. Also, I must say that I think every child should have an experience like this. What an encouraging affair! You've not only proven something to yourself but you get congratulated for it in front of friends and family. I am not too sure what goes on with Communion but I starting to feel a little gypped with my baptism.
Following the ceremony, we all headed to Bryant Park grill. The sun was shinning, we were outside looking over the park, drinks were flowing and the fun began. Somewhere in between eating and dancing I acquired a black eye; well, its really just blue, but nonetheless, its there.
As the day rode its way into night, I had a wonderful time with my co-workers, my boss nearly brought me to tears with her sincerity and I ended up walking the city street in my heels, in the rain; a thought that seemed so dreadful earlier that morning.
Best day of 2006 thus far.


I now have it at home! I almost hugged the technician that came by, on time, yesterday.


Mini Carrots

Mini carrots are not naturally grown for your bit-size convenience. They are big carrots whittled down. This is a waste of carrot. Stop buying mini-carrots or the girl gets it.



Word To Your Moms

This is one of my favorite images of the year thus far.
Thanks to NYT's One Thing They Aren't: Maternal article relaying the loving tails of motherhood.
To the point: Mother's Day is this Sunday so don't forget because from what I have heard child birth ain't easy people.


Living Trophies

Maybe I am jinxing the longevity of the plants by getting excited but I can hardly help it.
On the left there are three different plants sprouting: Zinnia, Snapdragons and Forget-Me-Nots. The Bachelor Buttons on the right seem like they lack turgor but I have watered them.

Sweet Basil. slow but steady.

The tomatos are looking the most healthy(thanks to Jeannius' cheers, no doubt) Behind those are another batch of Bachelor Buttons doing much better than the first.


Mean Something

James Victore will definitely help define a period in design. He will not be confused with the faceless trend makers, but remembered for his original and thoughtful approach.
I would say the same for Sagmeister.
//Edit//Not that there is anything wrong with trend or its makers...I love them both...clearly. I just think these guys are impressive and dedicated to their individual vision.
Chances are you've already seen this but if not its entertaining (and I stole the link from Newstday who gave me a shout out from telling them about this...thank you James).


How It All Works

Image from Graphis Diagrams,
a freethinking book on information design.
I know we can't see the arrow but that clog-shodded man is eating the bunny.


I Can't Let It Go

I went out the back of my apartment building, turn down the small space between the building and a wall and there it was. My permanent cucumber was unfazed by its fall.

Time Warner

sucks. I had cable for internet installed April 19th at 2:30 for my 10-2 appt. I looked, it worked. I went to work, came home and then it didn't work. LUCKY FOR ME, I was able to get an appointment two weeks later, for May 2nd from 6-9. But do you think that anyone showed up?! Thank god it will all be taken care of May 14th.
//Edit 5.4.06//
You might recall that Colbs had similar problems: go to hell, time warner cable.
I admire your spunk even more now C-... It could have been a season of hassling with brokers or dealing with taxes but haven't the fire to fight the machine right now. I will wait until May 14th....jerks.


Homeward Bound:Marine Blue

Daniel graduated! It was a beautiful day, little chilly but the sky was blue, clouds were recently fluffed and the Berry campus is gorgeous. A lot of my family was there: parents and their spouses, aunts, uncles, Granny and cousins (including new 2 yr. old and 4 yr. old darlings).
It is really quite strange to watch him grown up. I can't seem to stop seeing the small-framed little boy who would let my cousin and I play "hide Daniel. The game entailed one of us cramming Daniel into a cabinet, the top shelf of a closet, under the bed... When he was hidden the hider would alert the seeker and the fun would begin...at least for my cousin and I. I'd like to think that I was helping to build the patients and stamina needed to acquire all those shinny metals. Oh, but I know better :) Congratulations lil' bro!

The day after graduation, while D- recovered from his hangover, the rest of us headed to the aquarium in Chattanooga, Tennessee. If you are ever in area, I highly recommend it. Atop seeing marine life in a very well-thought-out and elaborate tank extending 3 floors, I got to touch a restrictor snake, a marckrell, a sting ray and a sand shark. There was a particular sting ray in the petting tank that would come up to the edge near the people and flapped his wings(?) out of the water. With further investigation I found out that this was the "southern" sting ray- "hey y'all, common over and pet me!" There was also a butterfly room that displayed cocoons and wet, hatching butterflies. Oh yeah, aaaaaaand I got to see otters who are absolutely adorable and playful. I am pretty sure my little cousins thouroghly enjoyed themselves as well, but I was not paying attention.