Weekend: Performance

Fri: Fairly uneventful debate.
Sat: S took me to see my first performance at the Kitchen. It was called Anger Nation. I enjoyed the textures of video and sound.
Sun: Workshop at 3B. Its rare that I can spool a full and neat bobbin on the first try.
PS be sure to peep this yen folding via FF


Larry Gottheim

Avant garde film marker cerca 70's
Will be part of the Between Stills and Moving Images Exhibition
I love these stills of his work.


William Eggleston is at the Whitney come October
7 chromogenic coupler prints
Flowers 12 chromogenic coupler prints 1978

Complementing this show, an exhibition called Between the Still and Moving Image
Larry Gottheim’s Fog Line (1970), in which trees and a landscape gradually emerge on the screen as a thick fog begins to lift. "(the exhibition) examines the relationship between the still and moving image from the 1930s to the present, by artists, filmmakers, and photographers who use stillness, cinematographic composition, and movement to question the conventions of both photography and cinema."


Now Showing

At Peter Blum in SohoCover of Volume 4, Issue 11, November 1922
lithograph after a drawing by El Lissitzky


Weekend: Switch Gears

Last weekend I said good bye to my last delightful house guest for a while and to the crazy days of summer.
And finally, after years of threats, I went to documentary filmmaker group event that happens every Sunday at a place down the street called Union Docs. They are a sweet and interesting bunch.
So heads up to any doc makers wanting to show your work or those who are interested.



For the past few weeks I've been going through images and photog portfolios for work. This one stayed with me.
Christian Weber


A Couple of Thoughts

Pieces from from Santiago's "Buy Them Now" project.Humans take the place of pet store animals.

Articles of clothing pressed between large sheets of glass.

Louise Nevelson

I am looking through her work for the first time now. She is depicted in a play by Mercedes Ruehl Called “Edward Albee’s Occupant.



Mel Chin is back finding beautiful solutions to earthly ailments.



Milgram's six degrees of separation, questioning the core of the theory




Tis the Season

Its about gallery time in New York! So grab your most uncomfortable shoes, put on your important face and go get yourself some free wine! I kid, though it is that time and I am excited to see some new work. I will post as much as I can in the next month.I want to see Chris Johanson at Deitch this weekend.
Sidebar: a minute fun


Fall to the Sky

Kenneth Snelson is a sculpture and photographer who worked with Buckminster Fuller

Dan is Good

My friend Dan designed this t-shirt.
I am def. getting one.
You can too!


Sarah Oppenheimer

creates interesting perspectives. This one is my favorite.


Happy Birthday James and Jeannie


Raquel Falkenbach

has a nice reel. I really like the musicvia