For the first time in my life I finished an entire roll of dental floss. Yes.There have been obstacles. Take for example, I never really flossed until I was about 24. In the past 4 years there were several instances where I have accidentally dropped the floss container in the toilet...
I think that I purchased this championed floss in May of 2006.


Outside My Window

I work on the 14th floor of the Starrett Lehigh building locationed on 26th St. in between 11th Ave. and the West Side Highway. The view is of upper Manhattan and the Hudson River. Its a damn good view.


Finally Blown Away

After 5 years of talking about this costume, I finally did it. But only with the help (when I say help, I mean she did it all:) of everyone's favorite craft master. There is Elmer's and wood glue in my hair and wire in my scarf and skirt.


Why I Can Be The Most Annoying Person I Know

I would love to be blogging away right now but I seem to have a kabillion loose ends to tie up. First of all, I started 4 projects in addition to my day job: 2 web sites, an animation and a t-shirt. Smart, right?! This Thursday I will to headed to Nashville. From Nashville I will go to Scottsdale AL, then to Huntsville AL and finally I will fly out of Memphis TN. Visiting my family is NEVER a relaxing affair. This is mainly due to the fact that I am lucky enough to have so much family and unlucky enough to have them all live about 3 hrs away from each other. I commited myself to seeing everyone so... now I gotta do it... with a smile of course :D
Anyway, all of these things that I wanted to do have started shifting to things that I have to do... which is good cause I will actually get them done now.
But all I keep thinking is "Jiminy Jillikers!"


....aaahh...OK! Impressive

Convo With My Dad:
Dad: Hello?
Me: Hey deddy
D: Heh...hold on a sec let me sit down....*noise*
Me: Are you working?
D: dadaa da da daa..no. I'm paintin'. I got one week left (till knee replacement surgery) to climb and I gotta finish painting(the inside of the house, specifically the stairway way leading up to his game room.)
Me: ah.
D: You won't believe the set up I got! You know what an extended ladder is?
Me: Yea
D: I got an extended ladder towards the bottom steps, vertical.
Me: On the steps?!
D: Yea. And I got a cooler and the top of the steps. And then I have another ladder resting on those two horizontally. The I put a piece of plywood so that I can walk across!
Me: Deddy, that doesn't sound safe.
D: The only way I would fall is if I got scared. I wouldn't even fit in the gap left from the wall. I gotta take a picture of this!



I haven't really been to a design forum since college. I guess there was the One Awards and a Graphic Havoc book release in NY, but not an actual lecture. So, when I found out that the Art Directors Club was hosting Designism: Panel Debates Role and Responsibility of Creatives to Instigate Social Change, I knew that I had to go.
The panelist included George Lois, Jessica Helfand, James Victore and Milton Glaser.
I wasn't even too sure what M. Glaser looked like. Maybe, I have seen a photo of him a while ago but if you asked me to describe him yesterday afternoon, I wouldn't have gotten past "old man". While I was talking to my friend and coworker, Jason, and waiting for the debate to begin, this man walked by. We both turned to each other with questioning grins. It was totally M. Glaser. He seemed to radiate original poster design energy. Anyway, everyone took their seats, the panelist were introduced and it was, in fact, him.
Now, the tone was set by, writer, Tony Hendra's brief summary of his new book. A politically charged what-if-Jesus-came-back -as-a-poor-kid-from-brooklyn scenario, The Messiah of Morris Avenue, is chalked full of punny jargon such as: Slow Child Left Behind, Faith the Press and a Bloodless Civil War. ...you get the gist. *sigh, grin* The unquestionable marriage of designism and liberalism is so indulgent.
George Lois is next. He starts "I was raised in a racist, Irish-Catholic neighborhood of Brooklyn..." He has done a great deal of socially and politically charge work for CBS(McCarthy/ Red Scare), Sane, Bobby Kennedy and Esquire. This particular cover illustrated Ali's persecution for coming out against the war.
Jessica Helfand, who I didn't know much about before hand, was far more focused on gathering information and collection than typical design. She is currently working on a project that will collect information and photographs from polling locations and organize it for use on line.
This is a campaign she did for MoveOn.org
James Victore, who I have previously posted, explained that his constant questioning of authority stemmed from a childhood spent on military bases. J. Victore does expressive pieces that are completely uninhibited by technology. He was also unihibited in speech. Closing line: "... with this asshole mother fucker for president..." While I feel like he wasn't as verbally articulate, visually he conjures more emotion and thought than the other three.
Milton Glaser didn't get too far into his thoughts before he declared that design for be first and foremost, effective. He reasoned that effectiveness didn't include preaching to the choir but engaging everyone; Rage is not effective. -I can't be sure but I thought I saw J. Victore squirm. I can't imagine M. Glaser wouldn’t take a stab at another man's methods. It just so happened that his were totally different than the speaker before him.- You've seen his work everywhere: I (heart) NY, that trippy dylan poster and number of other recognizable posters. Recently he has been working with One.org to promote awareness and encourage involvement in the effort to fight poverty and aids.


Have You Seen My Friend?

He is about 6'1", African-American, slim build.
Distiguishing features: a panache for type, ability to nap anywhere.
I haven't seen my dear friend Brandon in over two weeks now and I am beginning to worry. Please, take the time to check under your bed and between your cushions. Thanks to Jeannius for the photo


He-e-e-ey Mr. Shoe Repair Man, Play A Song For Me

I like my shoe repair guy because he, rightfully, gives me a hard time if I forget my ticket and because he has two cats. The shop, itself, is tiny and narrow. I have stood inside uncomfortably waiting with three other people and considered stepping out until he emerged with my shoes. Busy or not, this guy is always listening to music. The music is in another language and very soothing. You can tell that he is listening even when he is handling customers. He has even inquired about my ear-encompassing headphones before: Is the sound quality good? What brand? How much did I pay? Where did I get them? He needs something to drown out the television at home.
Anyway, I went to pick up my black flats that I almost destroyed for the second time. It was drizzling that morning and as I walked towards the shop I saw him leaning outside the doorway with a far-away look in his eye. He sees me and walks in. He was already in the back reaching for my shoes when I entered. 'Awe! He remembered me...' I forget what we were chatting about while he was ringing me up but the subject turned to the music playing.
"I play this music."
"Oh, really?" I reply. "I play the clarinet. Hold on....." He perked up and went to the back again. After seating himself behind the counter, he assemble the clarinet and began to play with the music. He's a little out of tune and explains the song is difficult. To the back again for a new song! Though the few bars were soft and uncertain, Uriel and I were both pleased. Business is slow and he planned to practice all day.


Paper Cuts

Ladies and gentlemen, behold, diligence, originality and thought; Peter Callesen.


Good Morning

Good morning my darling Manhattanites. Wake up west coast! Cali. Oregon. Colorado. To all my lovelies down in the dirty south, A-town, Athens, Dahlonega, Newton, Leesburg, Tuscaloosa, Memphis, Nashville, Huntsville, Snellville, Lawrenceville and Rome. D.C. Holler.


Meeting Of The Minds

On the way to the grocery I came across these guys. Stagg St. btwn Union and Lorimer, Williamsburg Brooklyn


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

I am not sure what those words are for this particular one, but I like it.
Clara Terne


Daily Dribble In My Mind

Convo with my Dad-Tuesday 10:30PM:
ring ring
Dad: Hey pumkin
Me: Hey Deddy. How are you?
D: I'm just sittin' here finishing up a little work. In Lousy-Anna for business. Bo-o-o-oy, this place looks bad. What's goin' on in the bi-i-i-ig N-Y-C?
Me: Nothing. Finishing up some freelance. Oh my gah! I am turning into you!
D: Yup. So. How are your tomatoes doing?
Me: Eh. I think the time has come to plant something new. Not well, really. No tomatoes. A few still standing. The seasons coming to an end anyway right?
D: The important thing is to just keep trying.
Me: Word.
D: Huh?
Me: Nothing

Ben Hopson:

This guy has put together some pretty interesting thoughts on zero gravity and dependent movement. Not to mention, he's got the will to explore his ideas! So tedious. Check him out and thanks to Newsday.com for the link

The Day The Type Stood Chill:

So, I was poking around on YouTube(shocking), looking for something to watch. What I found was amazing title credits in The Day The Earth Stood Still
I can't be too sure if I love the black and white approach for nostalgia reasons or that its a pleasant change from the saturate CMYK-circus in which I live. I don't believe its nostagia, for one, it wouldn't be my own. Most movies, even in my toddling days, where in color. While I was sat in front many o' Hitchcock movie throughout my youth, at the time, I was sure this was my mother cruel method of punishment for any future transgression. Anyway, if these title credits were done today, I am quite positive that we would be subjected to lightspeed travel and zip-zapping, 3-D pludering type.
Here, the type is a simple suggestion: Hovering, protruding towards the viewer in a still, galactic setting. Foreboding, but not giving it all away.


Type Is An Aquired Taste

In the three years that I "studied" design I was often told how important typography was. Some things seem so clear to me now: Tight kerning(space between each letter) is intense, whereas loose kerning gives off a more refined air. Still, there is much more to understand. This is a good start though.


Ooooh Heaven Is A Place On Earth

Oh come on! Its summer! There is nothing wrong with indulging in a healthy obsession with plants and animals but mainly bunnies. Woa! How freaky was that human foot?


How Catcalls Evolve

So, I left my apartment this morning with a quick pace. I was running late. There were two young boys ahead of me but I was coming up on them quick. I had plenty of room to pass on the left and started to but just then the one on the left step out of the walking pattern he was keeping. He was laughing with his friend and kinda gyrating around, as kids will do; as people will do. I decided I would hang back and wait until we got to the corner to move around them. However, the kid had already noticed me and my motives. Next we proceeded to do a little I-am-trying-my-best-to-move-around-you dance. He moved away from his friend to let me pass, I guess I hesitated so he jerked closer to his friend and away from the street but then I almost walked into him. I am not sure how long this went on but when I finally passed between them I realized 1)that I would have preferred to just wait for the easy pass at the corner- I wasn't in that big of a hurry. I am just a fast walker in general. 2)My dancing partner was about 11 yrs. old and feeling weird about what was happening. So I say 'excuse me' and continue on. I am only 15 paces in front of them when I hear a juicy, mouth-made fart. I chuckle and swing around. 'Was that for me?' The kid gives me a slo-mo head shake with "huh?" barely audible. So, I give him my best I'm-just-messing-with-you grin and repeat my question. His mouth finally finds the word "no." 'Yea, I didn't think so.' I smiled and turned to continue walking. If only I could have handled these boys when I was their age! There is no way though. The farting noise aimed at me would have crushed my spirit for the whole day. Only 5 steps later and I hear another little fart noise...more of a poot really. 'I heard that!' I declared with my finger pointed towards the sky but didn't look back. The boys giggled and let out a few more of which I critique. 'mmm, that wasn't even a good one.' Then the fart noises turned into intelligible shouts. And then whistles. Wouldn't you know it, I was no more than 25 paces away from the fart noises when I was catcalled by 11 yr. olds. "aaaaaaouuuu!" *flirty whistles*


I Had No Idea The Moon Was So Colorful

The Colorful Moon

Credit: Galileo Project, JPL, NASA

Explanation: Do you recognize the Earth's Moon when you see it? The crazy, patchwork appearance of this false color image makes this nearly full view of our Moon's familiar nearside look very strange. The image was taken in 1992 by the Galileo spacecraft enroute to Jupiter. The Sea of Tranquillity (Mare Tranquillitatis) is the blue area at right, the Ocean of Storms (Oceanus Procellarum) is the extensive blue and orange area on the left, and white lines radiate from the crater Tycho at bottom center. Three filters were used to make three separate exposures, combined in an exaggerated color scheme to emphasize composition differences - blue hues reveal titanium rich areas while orange and purple colors show regions relatively poor in titanium and iron. NASA soon plans to conduct an extensive remote exploration of the lunar surface, including a search for water ice near the lunar South Pole, with the Lunar Prospector spacecraft.

Thanks Astronomy Picture of the Day

No Space For Vegetebles

I have a very small kitchen with no counter space. I don't even really have room for one of those 3 tier, hanging, metal food basket. So I hung my I'm-eco-friendly bag.

Plant Update

So, last weekend I separated out, repotted and set up dowel for all of the tomato vines to climb up. Half of the transplants were successful. I am realizing now that I should have done all of this about a month ago. This weekend I finally got some tomato fertilizer and general plant fertilizer. The plants seem to respond to this almost immediately. To be honest, the last couple of weeks the plants, on a whole, haven't been doing well. They have been....how can I say this.... There have been some causualties. I have learned a lot over the past couple of months. While I can't be sure what will survive or produce flowers and fruit, I know they look good right now. Oh, I ate the basil for the first time today with warm pasta, cherry tomatoes and motzarella and I was pleased.


From left to right: Basil, dead tomato and Forget-Me-Nots
From left to right: Snapdragon and Zinnisa

The Bachelor Buttons are no longer


This guy is pretty shady. Sure, he may look cute and innocent, but then you didn't see what I just scraped, taped and lint brushed off that lovely, red-orange couch of mine(thanks Amy!) He is not even really sleeping, just silently shedding.

Just Heard This on NPR

"It is a fearful thing to love what death can touch."


Lazy Sunday

This is what I did today....but not much else.


A Gripping Tale: Mongoose Vs. Cobra

Ok so the mongoose has got a bigger mouth and has taken an offensive posture. Good for you guy. Now scram! What are you thinking?! That thing has got collapsible poison-panels.
Here we go...I hope this is what you really want. He is an inch from your neck. You do have to respect Mr. Mongoose's all-in, committed approach. "AaaaaaaaaaahI-love-you-mo-o-o-omahhhhh!"

No way.

Um, did someone just order a can of whoop ass? Yeaaah! Mongoose!



Busy Is The New Black

I wear it cause its easy and goes with everything!

And bunnies are the new Friday


Keeeping Them Alive

Tomato Plant- ummm...giant, really
Basil-Smells delicious
From left to right: Bachelor Buttons, Forget-Me-Nots(I think...), Snapdragons with Zoey

Tosca on the drop cloth

Zoey watching the guys at the carwash below