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Happy Leap Year

Cafe in western Colombia. Photo by Santi


Holocaust Comic

// replaced image with English version// Mr. Augner, the schoolteacher, echoed Ms. Harms’s recollection: “Teachers with good will used to make German children feel it was somehow their fault, that they had a weight on their shoulders. The war was still a fresh wound.” This new comic book, he added, speaks to “a different generation of students. It teaches the subject,” he continued, ”so that it’s no longer just about victims and perpetrators.”-NYT
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Squeezing Oversized Goldfish

In an interview in 2006, Keiichi Tanaami said that the figures he drawings originate in his dreams and memories. One recurring theme, an oversized goldfish, refers to his childhood memory of killing his grandfather's goldfish by squeezing them.


oooh Look At You!

From Newstoday: Gamper Martino, 100 Chairs in 100 Days

And from The Morning News: Christopher Conte, Antiques


Weekend: Deitch

Went to both Deitch galleris on Saturday.
When I first walked into the space, before I saw anything, I noted the smell of bananas. That all made sense when we walked into the main room. There stood Sagmeister, being interviewed as he faced a giant inflatible white ape con banana-lined wall. There was also some thoughful (visually and conceptually) words, some of which I posted previously and some new. Overall I have to say Sag seems like the the white knight of designers. All of his message are honest and positive and completely unique.
Michel Gondry filled the space with low budget movie sets in honor of his new release "Be Kind Rewind". There were also 2 workshop areas for people to collaborate in writing a script.
Later that evening we saw the movie. I left with the overall sense that it wasn't fantastic, but mind you, I laughed through most of it. And it was cute and creative and sweet and unpretentious.
Anyhow, I am off once again. Somehow through the past decade of yogamania I have managed not to take even one class. Today, all this ends.



I (heart) Typeworkshop gave an type assignment in honor of Dutch Design Week. The participants were asked to choose a material and create a word by way of folding. Then they were to take this piece and place it into a public environment.Like "crap", my favorite example, I noticed that most of them reminded me of Sagmeister's project "things I have learned in my life so far". WHICH has been at the Deitch Projects gallery and today is the last day.
Then I noticed he had updated his work since I'd seen it last.The piece above is my all time favorite typographical treatment ever. Its almost if to say, "Pit stains are in". FURTHERMORE, speaking of in type and Sagmeister's "things I've learned...", Marian Bantjes, my idol, has been very busy.Sugar piece contributed to "things that I have learned in life so far".


Snow Day

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

We Produce

Please take a look at the Thom Yorke Promo by London based, us studio.

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I Want To Believe

The public opening for the Cai Guo-Qiang exhibition is tonight at the Guggenheim (NY). I am looking forward to seeing his work in person. Its seems to possess so much energy. If you are not immediately familiar, maybe then you would recall hearing about an artist that creates images with gun powder and pigment? That is him.For me Cai Guo-Qiang strikes the perfect balance between concept and execution. And of course, here's your wiki.


If Only To Be So

Krzysztof Wodiczko transforms the way in which communities deal with uncomfortable issues. He projects human features, namely hands and faces, onto buildings and then amplifies the confessions belonging to those features for the public to hear. Thus, these buildings, these public places, begin to speak to everyone. They begin to speak to and for the community. And these features, voices, individuals can speak to the community about difficult events that have happened to them in the community. In an Art21 session on Wodiczko he said that sometimes it was easier to tell thousands of people your tragedy versus one person.
Effects of the A-bomb in Hiroshima, Japan:Sexual abuse in Tijuana, Mexico:
Violence at Bunker Hill, Boston:Also his idea for a homeless vehicle .



Weekend: Home

Is it just me, or is this cat giving me attitude?
Found this 18" yucca root at the local farmers market.


Not Quite Ourselves

Last night Santi and I made portraits of each other. Neither quite hit the mark of what we really look like. However convenient, I am tallying one for the process. Stepping back I find it amusing both that we critique but also that we even try. I've heard a thousand comments on my work and my person and probably handed out double that for others. I have friends devastated by negative feedback and have been subjected to those took their first compliments and ran. Its hard to know how to filter these effects. They are everything and then not much but they are rarely what we intended. And maybe this is creativity. -Yes I know I just dorked out and that is why you love me.... you do don't you?



There Will Be Graffiti

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Peta Peta Pumpkin Eat-a

Despite the fact that I have been a vegetarian all my life, I have shied away from groups and labels. I am not crazy about the idea of getting swept away in a movement, even if its a bunch of animal hugging vegheads. WHICH, is why I just now got around to reading more about PETA. Actually, I only "got around to it" because a friend sent me to Illegal Advertising which shows Kentucky Fried Cruelty-and if you want to cry watch this. Makes me think my leather boots aren't so necessary. Otherwise, below are some of PETA's marketing techniques towards kids. What do you think?
One of the "Milk Sucks" themes
Cover of the "Your Daddy Kills Animals" pamphlet. This one is the coolest but a bit much for my taste. Like I said I don't care for ideas to be crammed down my throat and then, what's the point in preaching to the chior? (Again of course I agree with the the cause) But I guess that is why we all market our ideas to the youth.
Joaquin Phoenix on the cover of PETA's Grrr! Magazine for kids
Shilpa Shetty in a Boycott the circus advertisement


Weekend: We Made This For You


Main Feature

courtesy of Santi & myself


Conway + Young

Conway and Young are offering room and board for your artist talent.

Having converted our under stairs cupboard in to a bed, we invite people to stay for one night and two days in the cupboard to make work in response to their experience.
Rules of the Residency
Residencies held at 254 Coronation Road are for the period of two days and one night.
We will provide you with your meals and bedding. You can use the house and garden as you wish but you must sleep in the under stairs closet where you will be accompanied by a radio. The work you produce whilst completing the residency must be site specific. Your piece(s) of work can be anything; a song, script, poem, drawing, film, sculpture, performance, painting, photograph, a record of an installation etc. Because we are renting our accommodation we ask that the work you produce is removable. To celebrate the end of your residency the work you produce will be exhibited in the shop window. You must leave something at the end of your residency as a mark of you having taken part. Before you leave please place an entry in the guest book, you must include the date of your residency and your contact details.
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You Animal

"The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men." - ALICE WALKER
Click for larger image: Great detail!
Walton Ford
, 2002. Watercolor, gouache, ink, and pencil on paper.


Also Super

Maya screenshot from Santi's project. Click on the image. Its large and full of detail.


"If the people always decided on the basis of adequate information, and with no dicussion among the citizens beforehand, the general will would always result from the larger number of small differences and the decision would always be right." - Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Michael Alan

Draw-A-Thing exhibition at McCaig & Welles gallery in Williamburg Brooklyn tongiht from 7-10.