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A Tree Falls in Brooklyn

Hurricane Irene was a smash. Well... actually though this is not something to scoff at, especially for the car owner, Irene was otherwise pretty uneventful for Brooklyn. Crown Heights off of St. Marks and Bedford


Warmed Home

I'll tell you once more, that I indeed have wonderful friends. I had a house warming party last night with a raucous game of charades. Friends brought flowers, plants, wine and coffee-my favorite things.
Now just waiting around for hurricane Irene


Fully Oriented

Yesterday was orientation. I will be assigned a studio on Thursday but won't get the key till the first day of class. I still need to get a new bike and laptop and finish reading about 1500 pages of art criticism but otherwise I am ready.


Frace: A Little Village Called Naves

Carry me away to a dreamy little town where I awoke in my dream.
This is Naves. A sweet little town nestled in the mountains just outside of Les Vans
But had you told me that I would have been treated such grace and kindness that I experienced here, I'da laughed This is the lovely family that graciously welcomed me along on their vacation. We swam in a river, climbed a mountain and roamed the country sides. I have never eaten so well in all my life.