Christmas Gift to Me

I think I've mentioned this before, I sincerely feel that I have the best friends a person could ever want or need. And there are numerous reasons for my feeling this way but that is another post. To name the most recent act of selfless kindness, my ever so talented, public artist and photographer, friend Jordan just spent 8 hours tediously shooting my portfolio.
We cleared out my living room and shot everything there. I'll follow up with the results shortly.
Thank you, Jordan.


Yacht Rock Christmas Karaoke

The most amazing combination party ever. Thank you Mel & Kevin. I will sing until someone's ears bleed.


Latest Drawings

Most of these are appx 22" x 29"


The Psychological Study of Drawings

Controlled Variable: Adult debauchery
I invited the subjects over, providing the necessary laxative to explore the inner working of the adult psyche. The subjects were all New York urbanites, ages 30-40, with focuses ranging from the research sciences to commercial arts.The subjects displayed immediate enthusiasm
readily admitting an anxiety about verbally communicating their thoughtswhich I was able to understand better as the study unfolded.I found that the subjects felt more comfortable explaining their behavior with the use of surrogates.
This study is ongoing.


Radical Spirits

Personal photos from the rapturing exhibit by James Case-Leal in a church in Greenpoint.Spires jutted from the pews at all angles.
There was animated videos projected onto the ceiling of people floating into the sky from an urban landscape.
The artist was hidden away upstairs making scrolls with current periodicals. This process was recorded and broadcast on a public station playing on the tv at the back of the church.


What I've been working on.


Act da fool

Hot shit from Proenza.

where the talented Ms. Kim works.


Radical Spirits

James Case-Leal's exhibition at the Lutheran Church of the Messiah in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I'm going tomorrow after work!

Film Socialisme

In the second week of the New York Film Festival



Excuse the phone pics. Opus is a vintage shop off of Union Ave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I love seeing the new ways in which the owner arranges all of the lovely furnishings.


I can't sleep: part : parte dos

Kelvyn Smith and Jeremy Tankard, Tata Awareness Study for Wolff Olins, UK 1997 c/o Letter Press/ The Allure of the Handmade by David Jury

I can't sleep

but I got this album upon INT's reco and that's good


Kid with a Camera

Taken by my cousin Abigail, age 8.


Mushroom from Vermont. Manganese from Apia, Colombia. Moss from Vermont & Ashland, Oregon. Cucumber rock from Brooklyn. Medicinal cups from France, Concrete from Berlin. Woodblock printing number from college.


The Big Idea

Georgia Lois is on The Selby

Carl DeTorres

18.09 from Carl DeTorres on Vimeo.

Talented and extremely pleasant freelance designer I work with. This is a piece he did for WIRED iPad mag Sept issue. Its a motion magic eye! ... I never got those things.

Anthony Lister

I like this montage, specifically the glimpses you get of his gonzo style in 3-D format.

Lister's site via Fecal Face


Copulation & Infestation

Bed bugs have penises like knives

from Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno series.


Monday, sometimes.

from Punch Drunk Love

I think I remember the guy in the middle from one of Warhol's screen tests in '64. He's got a focus that you don't find in most gerbils.


Weekend: Biking through Brooklyn

Biked out to beach, Ft. Tilden State Park, the weekend before last. More people than in previous years but still pretty empty.
Then up from the Manhattan bridge to Newtown Creek Sewage Treatment Plant that has a "nature path".

On the way back I stopped by the new Brooklyn Kitchen location (Meeker and Withers). The store now includes The Meat Hook butchery. Very happy bunch of butchers they are.


Time Line Chart Clock!

from boing boing

Smart Illustrations

Ogilvy(Paris) worked with illustrator, Noma Bar, to produce posters for IBM's Smarter Planet campaign.I think good poster design rarely meets big agency advertising, but it does here.
see more here


Tom Sachs

is on the Selby. Thanks Jeannie
I'd go on about him but you have wiki & his site which you should check out cause there is a fun video.