Buckminster Fuller

While researching for another post wiki lead me to a page full of Buckminster Fuller quotes.
Quickly: Richard Buckminster Fuller was an American visionary, designer, architect, poet, author, and inventor. He was the second President of Mensa. Read more here.
I especially love those on the potential of the independent mind.

"It is not for me to change you. The question is, how can I be of service to you without diminishing your degrees of freedom?"

I never try to tell anybody else what to do, number one. And number two, I think that’s what the individual is all about. Each one of us has something to contribute. This really depends on each one doing their own thinking, but not following any kind of rule that I can give out, any command."

"There is something patently insane about all the typewriters sleeping with all the beautiful plumbing in the beautiful office buildings — and all the people sleeping in the slums."

"Thinking is a momentary dismissal of irrelevancies
-Buckminster Fuller


Met Sketches

I love the simplicity, the line weight...I think the way the lines curve and curl reallly capture the nature of the statues. Not sure that I articulated that well... me like.
by Santiago CastaƱo
Sketches of sculpture from the Metropolitan Museum of Art


Masculin, Feminin

Another great Santi pick, Jean-Luc Godard's Masculin, Feminin, 15 Fatis Precis. One of these precise facts being, "This film could be called The Children of Marx and Coca-Cola." I won't repeat the informative wiki entry but I will profess my love for non sequiturs in films. (I'm sure this would follow true with books as well if any one cares to make some recommendations.) Its a low budget black and white film with gorgeous young things working through thoughts on love, sex, politics and individual ambitions. And these non sequiturs, these tangents... well Santi suggested that they were to remind us that we were watching a film and with the medium comes the freedom in conduct. I also think maybe each of these odd vignettes explores a philosophy of fate or living...this thought isn't quite complete ...Tell me what you think if you watch it.


Rot Mouth

Tosca has had teeth pulled before. Four to be exact. Hopefully this extraction proceedure will be the last. Yesterday I brought him home with 7 less teeth, including one fang. Yes, yes, I am taking care of him. His blood work is perfect and I feed him "natural " food... he's just got a rotton mouth. Maybe its his karma for crying though the night and sh*tting outside his box. I digress, this is a somewhat cruel line of pondering and his karma is really none of my business. Anyway the vet gave him an anesthetic and he was still coming to when we arrived home. This drugged out behavior was highly amusing. He was like any drunk person: motor skills are clearly affected but ambition in tact. He insisted on a wobbley accent to the table top despite my efforts to keep him safe on the floor. But no worries, he spent the rest of the evening starring with dialated eyes at the patterned formica. One can only assume what goes through a cat's mind in this state. Sidebar: Santi's new lamp in the background. I am a fan! Also it makes me think that Tosca should be a lamp for Halloween.


Circle Line

Dad came in town last weekend and we took the 3 hr. Circle Line boat ride around Manhattan. Lots of amazing bridges and very educational! I highly recommend it. We started at around 49th start on the west side and moved down toward the statue of liberty, around the tip, up...and so on until we had circled the island.
Here are some photos.


The Cat Came Back

thanks Santi

Have a Heart

This one is my dad's. Awwwe its beautiful, no? From as far back as I can remember my dad has worked as an engineer turn management for ultrasound equipement used in hospitals. Now he works with all sorts of image mapping equipement for the body.


I'll Kill Her

So Jeannius turned me onto Soko. Sweetness.


I Juanna Discuss This Passion/Fallon Bit Again

Jason put me on to this The Hundreds post. Which is good blog. Bookmark. Anyway, if you have a second read it because its thoughtful.
So basically there are clames of Passion ripping off Kozyndan. But then did Kozyndan rip off Magleby who ripped off Hokusai....who ripped off mother earth!? And now I will rip off The Hundreds image links.The answer is yes, in so many words, they all ripped each other off-were inspired by one another. The new question is at what level does the definition of "ripping off" start or stop? I will say it would have been nice of Passion/Fallon to share the wealth on this one. Oh! I almost forgot, The Hundred also points out that David Letterman had already filmed bouncey balls on San Fran streets. Lastly said blog directs us to a Harper's articles on bitting and ripping. I say if something inspires you enough to mimick it then it should be enough for you to graciously give credit....or admit that you're a talentless jerk :D



Shot July 6th at Fort Tilden Beach in the Rockaways by Santi & myself.
The music isn't quite long enough and the frame rate is slow but I kinda like it this way.
Thanks Santi


Make Love Not War

Wiki on the Gay Bomb
The Washington Post on the Gay Bomb
The idea of coercing people to have sex instead of attacking seems nothing short of just and hilarious. I say bomb the world.
The name of the bomb... eh... really? Why must we say offensive things? Not to mention inacurate. There are women in the military. Lets call it the "Fuck Bomb", that way we are all getting away with saying a dirty word and no one is offended... except the super conservatives but they shudder when they hear the word gay too so there is no use in approching this demographic. I disgress. Its like when you refer to a female dog or a donkey... totally ok to say bitch and ass and your mother can't be upset with you. Its also a double entendre much like the bomb itself.
Thanks Merv

Weekend: De Columbus

Saturday, Santi & I went to a music festival on Randalls Island, NY. Blonde Redhead was the best and unfortunately we missed Arcade Fire. LCD Soundsystem was ok but I am not a big fan of 15 min electrorock jam sessions. Having said that they were very personable and overall better in person. A phone photo collage...

Sunday night I took more night-time tree photos
Monday, we went to see Rape of Europa, which I recommend. This film focuses on Hitler's obsession with art.


Deborah Berke

Maybe you recall this building that I photographed and posted a couple of months ago? Well I was exicted to find that the NYT Style Magazine ran a story of it this past week. Gallery owner Marianne Boesky commissioned the building from Deborah Berke, "an architect known for her elegant brand of austere Modernism" Downstairs is the gallery and upstairs is the living area.



M.I.A. song from Kala. Have a good weekend!

Lets Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits

uhOnce again, ladies & gentlemen, Juan Cabral of Falon for Sony Bravia. I hate him.
F*cking... click hereI just kidding Juan, darling. I want to lick your keyboard. Seriously though, think what you will of advertising. But what if your job consisted of making play dough bunny stop animations, shooting giant paint bombs into the air only to film the effects and hurling bouncing balls down the streets of San Fran? *suspiro* I will continue to strive for this bliss.
Thanks Hyun.


We Are All DEVO

Please click to view this comic, as I don't want to affect the story with a preview summary.
I am not sure of the individual responsible, only that it comes from the collective edd-e
For whatever reason this all reminded me of Beautiful World by DEVO

via Daye


More Public Art from Germany

A friend recently moved to Berlin and came across this gem. Thanks Gideon!


Weekend: Off Houston

Book Fair
There was a book fair in Manhattan last weekend, on Crosby btn Houston and um that other street.
I believe it wash hosted by Housing Works Bookstore who then donates the proceeds to the fight against AIDS and homelessness. It was great! The street was essentially filled with boxes of books, organized by canopied sections. I found this foil stamped, 9x12 hardback containing a wealth of information of trees. The International Book of Trees by Hugh Johnson And only $1 might I add.


Also B- and I went to B-4 It Was Cool, an antique shop off of Houston with a mainstay of lighting fixtures and industrial stools. I wanted everything in there however one should note that the merchandise is priced post-cool.B- took this picture. It looks like a Peter Greenaway set.

We Are Apple

Thanks B-


Miguel Calderon

Miguel Calderon is a Mexican artist whose work is featured in the movie The Royal Tenenbaums (top two).
Thanks Santi

Taiji Matsue

LinkAbsolutely lovely. Inside I am gushing.
Recently featured in +81 Magzine & on view at Conan Amador Gallery in NY.