Hello My Name Is Design. I Am Here To Show You My Gina

Gross. But seriously, I was a little nervous. I just had an informational interview at Base Design. Yikes! In my humble opinion this studio is the cream of the crop. So, I got a little tounge tied which does not usually happen. There was definitely qualification that I should have expounded upon, but over all I think it went well. The senior designer said he liked my work and that it was good to see that I had a lot of identity design (Oh yeah! I knew what you were looking for. I have only poured over Base's work for the past 4 yrs now.)
So, maybe he was a nice guy and he was lying or maybe he really liked my work and will pull my file up at the next mention of an availible position. The beauty of it is, it was and informational interview.
The space was nice and widowous, but there was no music playing and the mood with a little tense. The senior designer was very curtious and waited with me at the elevator till it arrived.
Some of Base's work:

A most enthusiastic thank you to C! Without him none of this would have been possible; the interview, the elaborate sneaky-stashing of the portfolio so that I didn't tot it into work, thus advertising my interview and the calming.


Memories of Music: Record Player

The record player is very much connected to activities with my mother in my mind. I got to listen my Disney record, narrated by Micky while she was cooking dinner. And she would listen to the Doobie Brothers while we cleaned. We always cranked the tunes. There was also a workout album that we got all dressed up for.



Welcome to the wonderful, ripe age of 28!


Oh I'll Keep You Company

6:oo Begin staring at my phone
6:15 'Its weird because usually if I... at least I feel like I have willed things to happen with enough concentration. The collective unconscious... Chill out. Read a few blogs. I hate the web.'
6:20 Ring ring. Answering machine. "Hi! My name is Gina Whitt. I was suppose to get a phone call at 6 concerning my question about "keep you company". Uh so yeah just checking. My name is Gina... again. un MY NUMBER is 7-1-8-Niiiiiiinnnne-3-0-2-8tt-6-4. ok thanks."

Ack. I finally received a call at 6:30 explaining they were running late, blah blah.

If you are just now joining me, then you should know that I was expecting a phone call from Hosts Martha & Grant at KPBS' A Way With Worlds. They were calling me so that we could discuss my questions on the phrase "Keep you company".
You see, the word "company" is in a unique position. Is it a noun? Is it a verb? C seems to think it should be referred to as a adjective. Another good point, brought to my attention by jason, is that any word that describes a "state on being" can replace the word "company". ei. "Can I keep you dancing?", "Can I keep you warm?" or "Can I keep you safe?"

Anyway, I finally get on the phone with Martha & Grant, who are just delightful! I was so excited slash nervous and sooo trying to keep my composure. I should let you know upfront that I have no idea when and if my convo will air. But you can bet your shorts that I will let you know when I find out.
While they didn't end up defining what kind of word "company" is in that particular situation, Martha did give me scoop on the word "company", itself.
1. It comes from the idea-turned-phrase "to break bread with". You break bread with someone you know well or want to know better. Comer= eat Pan=bread y
2. The bible uses the word to suggest sexual relations ie. "Beware the company you keep..."
3. Not surpringly, the southern term "company keeper" means a person that you are intimate with yet not married to.


Sally Sidebar: Alarmed for a Cause

'Hey! Where did my alarm go? Oh, Clocky!!' If you remember my previous rant about alarms and my inability to wake up on time, then you know why this clock would be of interest. If this alarm is not turned off soon enough it runs away and apparently has the capacity to "jump from 2 feet". Though, there is no way to be sure that I still wouldn't sleep through it, its totally cute. Thanks Sally Sidebar!


oediPUS =^..^=

Ahem. Lets see. This is sort of a delicate subject. I don't really want to blow up this guy's spot but I am struggling with some frustration he is causing me and I figured that I could trust you with the information. Maybe you recall me writing about Tosca in previous posts. We have lived together 5.5 years now and he has seen me through the best and worst of times. While he has always been a little needy, I appreciate the company, the friendship and even the neediness.
For instance, Tosca has always cried at bedtime in need of attention. About three years ago I noticed his cries becoming muffled. Come to find out that he was carrying a stuffed toy mouse around with him during his distress. Like all cats, Tosca also took to makin' muffins for relaxation purposes. At about the same time as the crying-while- toy-toting, T took his common cat kneading to a whole new level. He started kneading-humping.
One of the things I really love about the guy is his drive to really push the envelope. So, when he started clinching a stuffed mouse in his mouth while knead-humping his faux fur blankie, I was sort of proud. 'Let that freak flag fly ! Maximize your enjoyment. You're a cat. Why not?!' In fact I can tell when he is plotting a "session" and looking for perfect spot.... and so move some papers off the couch or hand over a sweater already in need of washing for his use.
However, I am drawing the line at his new insistence on touching me during his sessions. He waits until I am nestled into bed or on the couch with my favorite blaket. Then he acts like he is looking for a place to lay down. Now, more often that not, his settling down motions turn into a "session" on my legs. Totally not acceptable!


Away, A Way!

And A Way I go!
I've really gotten into these PodCasts as of late. First it was just the news: The New York Times and NPR both do a daily 5 minute coverage. Since I don't listen to the radio and, up until recently, didn't have a tele, the PodCasts have been ideal. Like all things wonderful-your favorite magazine, guilt, the city and a sparkling red, to name a few- you can't help but to indulge a little or a lot as your wants may be. So, I started branching out. Maybe 60 sec. of science would be interesting. AIGA even has a podcast. Left, Right and Center is great if you can manage to let it wash over you and take what you need. However, I feel that NPR has got the medium on lock down. Wait, wait! Don't Tell Me won my heart and listener support, hands down!
But wait, I am not finish. To the point, I started listening to this nerdy/goofy/ highly-informative program that is advertised at the end of Wait, Wait!... The radio-program-turned-PodCast is called A Way With Words. Hosts, Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett, plow through the English language, answering questions on regional slang, proper usage and the unique circumstances of overlooked phrases. For instance, maybe you've felt awkward about beginning a sentence with "And". I actually remember elementary school teachers discouraging the practice. Turns out, its perfectly fine. Go ahead, start a sentence with "And" today!
Needless to say, I find the program thoroughly engaging. Much like my desire to one day have a This American Life moment to write about, I find myself wanting interaction with Martha and Grant's words wisdom. So, about two weeks ago I emailed Martha with what I hoped to be a worthy query: Where does the phrase "Can I keep you company?" come from? My thoughts on this are simple. We don't say: "Can I keep you sanity?" "Can I keep you milk?" "Can I keep you activity?" Et cetera.
SooOOOOooo! I got an email today from "A Way With Words". They want to give me a call next Wednesday (Another good question: What in the heck is that D doing in there?) and record my convo with Martha and Grant. ek!


Sally Sidebar: Photo Discussion

I don't need to explain why this photo deserves a discussion.
However, I would like to formally introduce Sally Sidebar as I am positive she will make future post apperances. Sally is a coworker of mine with a knack for finding interesting sites and images... yes, I know that you do too... that's nice... Anyway she often interjects her trivia and tidbits into conversation or the workday, hence the "sidebar". Since she won't start her own blog and since I have been seriously slacking, I figured 'what the heck...'


The Banana Update

Other than having trouble waking up this morning, banana is doing alright.