For the first time in my life I finished an entire roll of dental floss. Yes.There have been obstacles. Take for example, I never really flossed until I was about 24. In the past 4 years there were several instances where I have accidentally dropped the floss container in the toilet...
I think that I purchased this championed floss in May of 2006.


Outside My Window

I work on the 14th floor of the Starrett Lehigh building locationed on 26th St. in between 11th Ave. and the West Side Highway. The view is of upper Manhattan and the Hudson River. Its a damn good view.


Finally Blown Away

After 5 years of talking about this costume, I finally did it. But only with the help (when I say help, I mean she did it all:) of everyone's favorite craft master. There is Elmer's and wood glue in my hair and wire in my scarf and skirt.