Why I Can Be The Most Annoying Person I Know

I would love to be blogging away right now but I seem to have a kabillion loose ends to tie up. First of all, I started 4 projects in addition to my day job: 2 web sites, an animation and a t-shirt. Smart, right?! This Thursday I will to headed to Nashville. From Nashville I will go to Scottsdale AL, then to Huntsville AL and finally I will fly out of Memphis TN. Visiting my family is NEVER a relaxing affair. This is mainly due to the fact that I am lucky enough to have so much family and unlucky enough to have them all live about 3 hrs away from each other. I commited myself to seeing everyone so... now I gotta do it... with a smile of course :D
Anyway, all of these things that I wanted to do have started shifting to things that I have to do... which is good cause I will actually get them done now.
But all I keep thinking is "Jiminy Jillikers!"