Take Your Breath Away

You how when its cold out and your cat or dog becomes sentimental about how loving/warm you are and wants to sleep right next to you, under the covers but you are never still long enough so s/he settles for encrocahing on your pillow space in a manner that says "... oh you don't mind do you.." and then you both get all settled in and you are facing each other which makes for colliding breathing paths, which means you are breathing in her/is breath cause s/he is positioned highter than you?

That always kinda creeps me out.


Flying South

I usually fly home to Georgia for Christmas but this year will be different. By this time next week I will be just outside of Pereira, Colombia on a pineapple farm. Needless to say, I am super excited especially about the great difference in the people to plant ratio. It should be about 80° but cross your fingers that it doesn't rain the whole time. Hopefully I will be able to blog a couple of times while I am down there.

Dumb Moments

The BBC reports on Fortune magazine's "101 Dumb Moments in Business"
Sony's use of Manchester Cathedral as the backdrop to a violent game. Sony thought it had permission to use the building for its game. The gaffe was picked at number 63 by the US publication in its list of "the dumbest of the dumb" occurrences. Sony apologised to the Church of England for using the cathedral as a backdrop to "Resistance: Fall of Man".

Fortune put the recall of millions of Chinese-made toys because of paint fears at the top of the list.

In second spot was Eli Lilly's move to put Prozac into chewable, beef-flavoured pills "to treat separation anxiety in dogs".

And in third place was Leona "only little people pay taxes" Helmsley's decision to leave $12m to her dog in her will.


Words for Rice

Play this game. For each word you get right, this site with donate 20 grains of rice through the United Nations to help end world hunger.

Plant Your Food

About a month ago I planted an old garlic clove that was already sprouting. It grew really fast!


ShaBam! Pow! Pop! Whiz!

Great set. Clearly an influence on Michel Gondry.

What Have I Done To Deserve This?

A 1985 film by Pedro Almodóvar who also directed Talk To Her and Bad Education. He has a way of making misery and disenfranchisement seem slightly funny.


Mailer for Mayor

In 1969 Norman Mailer from for Mayor. Thanks Diego. via

If the time and money aren't going into making great art for campaigns then where is it going? Ahem. Focus groups. Yes we have asked (and paid) you the American public and you have responded. You want to most bland and dumbed down version of everything, you definitely want everything you've seen before but you like blue not yellow and really why bother arguing with such a thoughtful perspective..... I digress


Finding Myself

Today I found myself in a meeting with a writer taking notes on my verizon wireless bill whose signature red and black colors had melted like water colors into the math. I was writing on the bill because, in the excitement of leaving my office to meet in Starbucks(which, at any other time I would have refused) I completely forgot all the notes I had taken last, at home on the brief in which we were meeting about, let alone, a notebook . The bill was wet because yesterday morning I treated myself to fancy water, a Perrier, of which I am clearly not accustom to closing since the entire contents of the bottle ended up in my bag thusly deading my cell phone and threatening my passport, now, my only photo id since I managed to loose my driver's license last weekend somewhere after the security check but before boarding the plane. I think I actually broke up with a guy when I was 19 who had similar experiences insisting that he was being immature.

I Want My 401k

MTV is still rockin out like its 1986. Guys. The whole trickle-down economics decidedly didn't work. Get with it.


Cause Sometime You Just Need To Unwind After A Long Day

And what better way than a little MTA pole dancing.
The Daily News reports . My favorite is the blonde with the yellow top. Thanks Chris


A mí el invierno me cae muy divertido.

I left class last night and walked icey sidewalks to a friend's for wine and conversation. On my way home I picked up a container of mixed nuts to counterbalance to lack of dinner and 3 glasses of wine. Alas the nuts were too late. This is what I thought as I watched them explode into the air in front of me. In these moments you really have time to consider everything. For example I really like my choice of flats this year but today was really the wrong day to wear them. I should consider checking the weather in the morning from now on. At least I am werearing my army fatigue pants and not a skirt or my "nice" jeans. You will have to trust me when I say there is a bruse.
Anyway I learned a new expression in spanish class last night which is illustrated in the title. You know how in english we say " I don't know what it is but she just sits well with me. "? Its almost like I have eaten and digested the woman and decided that she doesn't give me heartburn. Well in spanish you have to option of "falling" be it good or bad for someone. I love the intagible in both expressions. They reliquish responsibiliy as if something stronger that them were deciding the compatibility with the other person.
Title translation: To me the winter falls to me very amused.
Title interpretation: The winter sits funny with me.
(yes I know it sounds awkward in either language.)


Weekend: Helen, Georgia

This past weekend I met my Dad's family in Helen. Just like the years of my younger youth, we stayed in a 10 bedroom cabin-complete with chapel- nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The cabin is on the Sautee Ranch, as in cattle ranch, and was originally built for a Cherokee/ Chatholic couple who managed to produce 14 children. As we were winding our way through the mountains towards our destination Friday night, our headlights found a sheep(a sheep!) running down the side of the road. This was most surreal for me! But on with the photos. I hope you enjoy.

mmmmOOOoooDad took us on a nature hike and we found an animal bone...which I brought home with me!
The weather was perfect

This is an interesting structure that hunters use to "clean" their kill which is usually deer. Note that these structures don't always look like a crucifix. bizarre.

Weekend: Helen, Georgia Continued

We had two visitors to the ranch who were kind enough to let us pet and feed them.

No ass can resist my father's charmThis is a female pot belly pig.
Cherokee burial mount. If I remeber correctly, a young couple was buried here.


Lebbeus Woods

Woods is an experimental architect and artist. The majority of his explorations deal with the design of systems in crisis: the order of the existing being confronted by the order of the new -wiki
Also, There are some interesting entries on the LW blog including one called What Is Architecture?: Continuing the struggle to understand what architecture is helps keep everyone—especially the architects—more honest.-LB Blog. I like this. Here, you could easily replace architecture with all things specifically .
I started thinking about him last night after I revisited Aeon Flux (definitely displays a system in crisis.) Do you remember when MTV used to run this show on theLiquid TV block!?