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Sarah Kahn

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A Natural Bridge

'Twixt business and pleasure my dad was driving through Alabama last week. He called excited to inform me that he had found the natural bridge that he had heard about as a wee tot. Spanning over 127', its the longest natural bridge east of the Rockies.
His second stop on the way home was my grandparent farm in Huntsville. While helping Papa trim some cedar trees he notice that the cows were using them as a scratching post. Then he suggested that much like humans the cows were using the cedar scent to ward off insects. Clever cows.


Arp Art

Jean Arp later told the story of how, when he was notified to report to the German embassy, he avoided being drafted into the army: he took the paperwork he had been given and, in the first blank, wrote the date. He then wrote the date in every other space as well, then drew a line beneath them and carefully added them up. He then took off all his clothes and went to hand in his paperwork. He was told to go home. -wiki


Iron & Green


off Bedford, Williamsburg, Brooklyn



Watched the Twin Peaks series again this past week.
Of course I skipped over episodes 12-16 as they seem slow and less interesting. While special agent Cooper is a total dream boat up until the end, Audrey Horne, seen dancing above is my favorite character. The intro credit are great too!


Light: Step 27

Grass Chair

I feel like there should be some hardy-har-comment or title for this grass chair but I am drawing a blank
Nevertheless, its from Fung + Blatt Architects
Thanks Merv


Meal, Ready-to-Eat

Ever tour a NASA facility in grade school? The second I heard the words "astronaut ice cream" my mouth started watering. And finally, when the freakin' tour was over, every kid got to try some. Two puked and I was only mildly amused.
When my brother first joined the Marines he spoke almost completely in acronyms/initials, even to me. MRE is the only one that I can remember. Click to enlarge


Downward Facing Wall

I saw these two this morning; beautiful.