Design: Good Stuff

Mike Joyce was the first person I ever interviewed with in NY. He is super nice; Met me midday July 3rd even though the rest of the office was gone home for the holiday and I didn't know someone that knew him.
Anyway, his new site is up for Stereotype. Good stuff.

Now for those of you that don't visit Hoping for Happy Accidents, she has found a real gem...via MoCo Loco!
Ahhhhhh blogging. Its the new gossip, pass it on. Anyway, I Love Lula. Original. Good Craft. Seems intuitive. Good Stuff.


bean said...

the rice and m&m's meal served on graph paper is awesome. is there any symbolism to it (in addition to it simply looking cool)?

Gina Kay said...

Its from the Lula site. I think its safe to assume the image is what you make of it. I would be surprised if the artist herself could like Image M&M with Thought A, etc... It looks to me like something an eight year old might fantasize about.