I pretty much flew all Christmas Day and arrived at La Lorena ranch late. La Lorena is just out side of Pereira, which is in the vally between the Occidental and Central corridors of the Andes Mountains. In the morning I looked outside my door
and was pleasantly surprised.
Cows bred for beef.
On the way to Pereira.
I saw some of these guys,
but much more of these. They are called aƱos viejos which means old year. They used to be filled with fireworks and lite on New Years. I believe that fireworks are now outlawed. They are placed outside of stores or homes along the road.
For New Years Santi, Paola (his sister) and I went to a smaller town in the Occidental corridor to visit their father. We arrived to the town at 10 am on December 31. The town square in full celebration mode. Driving motorcycles through the square and throwing corn flour on each other. Later Santi's father and godfather sang for us.

I didn't want to leave


Jeannie said...

awesome! thanks for sharing

hugerash said...

wowza. an amazing experience i'm sure and what a way to start the new year. :)