The Armory Show

The Armory Show is collective showing of art work from galleries worldwide. I went this past weekend. One of the pieces that stuck out in my mind was Thomas Hirschhorn's " Tool Table" from the Arndt & Parnter Gallery in L.A.
In the process fof finding this image I found that David Byrne had been to Arndt and commented on the piece.
"On another floor in another room (many of the successful galleries have expanded rapidly) there was a piece by Thomas Hirshhorn that I liked of manikin hands holding aloft literary tomes and ordinary tools — a sort of hilarious intellectual “workers arise!” image.


An idealized revolution on a (large) tabletop. I can imagine this as a crude proposal for a large-scale monument that would have been made years ago in the former East. Maybe done here by a high school senior using available materials: paperbacks rather than more impressive bound volumes, and puny screwdrivers and measuring tapes rather than hammers and sickles. And of course all held together with packing tape, a Hirshhorn specialty by now."-DAIVID BYRNE

In a Tate interview Hirschhorn states, "I always think, energy yes, quality no."

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