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LA Raven is identical Dutch twins, Liesbeth and Angelique Raeven. And I am not sure what to think of their work...
Ana Finel Honigman writes, " Under the heading "anorexia, art, war, rant," blogger "Culiblog" wrote that, "LA Raeven were launched into fame in February 2002 when they created a huge kafuffle with Wild Zone 1 & 2, a video installation exhibited at the ICA London. It was the first time that the twins showed themselves in their work, lolling about and being overly skinny amidst half-drunk glasses of white wine and a floor littered with the occasional mini-nibble. The gallery was infused with the artists' own feral scent, reportedly concocted from their very own pee. Of course the bourgeois art press found it so scandalous that female artists with anorexia should be able to express themselves about body image, that they censured the artists' call for participation before the exhibition, and a goodly deal of the exhibition's press. Just like in China!" -READ MORE AT SAATCHI

What I find more interesting than the dueling anorexia is the artists' view of themselves as social outsiders. R states, "I guess that we are referring to ourselves as our own subculture. We are not living in the culture in which most people live. We have different rules and a different relationship. We do not have a normal sister-relationship, yet we also can't refer ourselves as "partners." What we have is something which goes further than even what exists between lovers."

John Waters also explored the idea of individuals living outside the social norm in his '72 film called Pink Flamingos (trailer)And if you have seen the trailer or the movie, you'll understand why I land here

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Joanna Goddard said...

wow, this makes me sad. i'm not sure what to think either.