Floating Ecopolis for Climate Refugees, a solution for a rising ocean by architect Vincent Callebaut
Also the June 08 issue of Wired rethinks "green":
1. The A/C is ok: it takes more energy to heat than cool
2. Live in Cities: the landmower is evil
3. Organics are not the answer: Stop eating meat and use local farmers
4. Farm the forests: over its lifetime, a tree shifts from being a CO2 vacuum to an emitter
5. China is the solution not the problem: rising energy
6. Accept genetic engerneering: keeping 6 billion people fed boosts global warming more than all the world's cars, trucks, trains ships, and planes put together
7. Carbon Trading doesn't work: environmental version of subprime mortgages
8. Embrace nuclear Power: winning the war on warming
9. Use cars not hybrids: Keep your used car
10. Prepare for the worst: Our ability to deal is far greater than the chance of stopping it.

Last nay the least, BMW revealed its latest direction. Think flexible. Think context over dogma. Ladies and Gentlemen, think GINA
thanks Chris

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bean said...

those cities are awesome-looking. can you imagine the rivalry theyd have? id be a pod 2 man forever, personally.

this reminded me of an article i read about buckminster fuller this weekend: