Yurt Kidding Me

In the search for the perfect get-away spot to send Santi smoothly sailing into his thirties I ran across a rental yurt powered by solar panels... ehm but I am not finished.... in the middle of a horse field . Neheheheeeat!So for those of you who haven't researched the dwelling structures used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia, a yurt is portable, felt-covered, wood lattice-framed and from the photos that I have seen, its generally round.
This Buryat yurt is a little different but also cool.
pre-felted yurt
wiki says, "In Russian the structure is called "yurta", whence the word came into English." I like that the word whence is worked into this entry. ceiling
The jury is out on whether I can get reservations but keep your fingers crossed.// The yurt is booked till Sept. :/

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how's the wi-fi?