Happy 50th Birthday NASA

EarthRise, 1968 The Last Whole Earth Catalog described this image as: “The famous Apollo 8 picture of Earthrise over the moon that established our planetary facthood and beauty and rareness (dry moon, barren space) and began to bend human consciousness.”NASA has always been a topic of conversation at Whitt reunions. Papa helped to make the shields that the shuttles would launch off of. And my dad and two of his siblings got their first jobs there. I have always admired their engineering minds.


bean said...

can anyone possibly argue that the shots of the earth from space are NOT the most significant photos of all time?

dridri and j and i were discussing recently that of all the tripiness of landing on the moon, the astronauts all said seeing the earth like that was the biggest trip.

i admire engineering minds too. they might as well be martian minds from where im comin from.

hugerash said...

i think the moon landing is a hoax! bah humbug!

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