Vermont & Some Thoughts

The past year has been a little hectic, hence the lack of posts. I am currently doing some much needed recharging. There is so much that I want to talk to you about but we're going to take some baby steps. I recently went up near Montpelier, Vermont to visit a friend who is building a self-sustainable home. He has built an outhouse, revitalized an old cabin you'll see below, made gorgeous wooden lawn chairs, planted an orchard, preserved a bog.... you get the point. After my own year of balls-out work to rebrand a somewhat massive computer company(obvious not alone), this visit really put things in perspective. I don't really know what this means but I hope the impact will be significant.
4 of us stayed in this wonderful little cabin
This last photo is sadly out of focus but I didn't feel like taking it again. These are various mosses and fungi I collected from the trip. They will nicely compliment the collection from my visit to Ashland, Oregon.

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