Cause For Alarm

Firstly, I can't wake up to a clock alarms to save my life. You can ask any poor soul that has lived with me starting with my family. Its a genetic disorder, to be sure.
I currently use my cell phone's alarm function. It allows me to set 3 different alarms, all of which I use. I like to turn the volume up to high, stagger the times about 15 mins. apart and vary the alarm "ring" on each. Still, I wake up about 30 mins later with the phone craddled in my hand right next to my head. "What wakes me up?" you ask. Oh well, a number of things really... my cat hovering over my face, a nightmare that I woke up late, sunlight, a fed up roomie....

... OR sometimes I wake because of the car alarms going off next door at the car wash. Lucky for me, if they are going off, then they start at about 7 am.!(read as extreme sarcasm) I am not sure why the car alarms wake me up and my scheduled clock alarms don't(!) but what I would really like to discuss(selfishly) is why the guys(fully awake) at the car wash repetitively set the alarms off. One would think that they would get sick of hearing the noise and.... I-don't-know... turn the alarms off till the car is clean(?) Alas, this is not the case. 4 days out of 7 alarms are set off long enough to go through all the different sounds twice.
If you don't live in the city it may be difficult to understand the breadth of my hatred of the car alarm. Basically, I feel that they are a poor attempt at eliminating car theft.
In my misery, I like to contemplate ways of resolving this problem... on a national scale. Picture this:

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