Why? Why? Why does MoveOn.Org email at least 4x a week? Since when did they fall prey to the reasonings of spammers and cheap product advertisers? Effective people! More is just more. I don't like to read your redundant rants. Once a week- or what the hell! even once every two weeks- pull your shit together, get to the point IN ONE SHORT EMAIL. put a link in there and if I want to read the cute-with-a-cause copy then I will click the link and read it.
I just feel like if you've already got me down as a prior volunteer then its pretty safe to assume that we are on the same page.
So, I receive this:

And all I need is this:
MoveOn.Org needs volunteers to make phone calls from your home tomorrow:
We need you to:
1. make calls to other move.on members

2. have these members to call congressmen to ask them to stop the Iraq escalation

Click Here to find out more about this volunteer option>>
Click Here to find out more about the Senate vote on the war>>

Anyway, if you are fed up with this war and have some free time tomorrow night then sign up here.

While we are on the topic I thought I might point out some great design for a non-profit. I am sure that I have mentioned Stefen Sagmeister before... and now I am mentioning him again. Here is some work he did for Ben Cohen's (the Ben of Ben&Jerry's) True Majority:


bean said...

john kerry pulled the same sh*t AFTER he lost the election - bombarding me with emails. it was horrible. it's true - they already have our support, they should stop preaching to the choir. really annoying. that pen is awesome.

Jeannie said...

i've seen that pen! i thought it was great! now i know why..

also, i actually took myself off of move on's mailing list recently. giving them the reason of too many f'ing emails.

Gina Kay said...

I am so glad that the pen has been singled out! I recieved this pen in the mail before I knew it was Sagmeister's and thought 'This pen design ain't too shabby.'