Plant Update: What in the heck is that?

So, this is the last update.

I would like to preface this update with a confession. I wasn't very organized about this. I don't know which is lavendar and which is thyme but I think all in question are thyme. And then there are mystery plants. I know that I stuck some potato-eye chunks into a few pots and that may be our answer. However, they weren't all necessarily potatoes but definitely root plants. I guess my next plant update post willl have to be to identify! The biggest mystery is that I seem to a healthy tomato plant on my hands. I specifically said I wasn't planting tomato this year. I guess I used some old dirt with left over seeds from last year(?) Oh! and then bad news; Chicken and egg dropped out of the race. The pressure was too great for them.The smaller sprouts are basil and I am not sure about the viney one.From left to right: basil, bail, chiveFrom left to right: Zoey, dying basil sprout and then in the far right pot we have some sort of potato/root vegetable and the mystery tomato plant in the bottom corner!Finally from left to right: thyme (the pink arrow is pointing to a mystery sprout) and chive with basil sprout


Jeannie said...

where is the pot plant?

Gina Kay said...

This is my practice for next year.
And then I eeeat it.