Pre Pre

My new t-shirt design/anti-design.2007 © copyright
So...I consider myself to be pretty particular about my environment. I love my coffee table and will eyeball any sucker that doesn't use a coaster. Having said that, my cat sh*ts right outside of his box every. single. day. since I moved in 2004 to B'burg. Maybe Tosca doesn't like hipsters.
Whatever. To the point.
In the past, when I have been engrossed in what I was doing, ON OCCASION, I have spilt some liquids and/or solids on my shirt.
So, with all the fabulous, faduous(fad-like, faddy.) t-shirts about, I thought a PreStained™ T might stick.
This is the general idea, but I will post the finals on like-love.com shortly.

By the by, but more importantly(!), the typeface used in the image above is Matrix Inline Script by Emigre. Dreamy. Who doesn't love that "E"? Its a lovable "E". The seduction of the "D", we can discuss privately.


Jeannie said...

right now... i'm loving everything about this post.

bean said...

genius idea. along with the suspension of disbelief, you're really carving out a clever design niche. this particular stain looks vaguely like england to me. maybe the line could celebrate certain nations.

how about a line of hoodies for sisters called sisterhoods? or a typeface made out of little faces?

(shut it.)

Gina Kay said...

:) Thanks guys.

You're a real nut, Bean. Sisterhoods. Ha! That is good.