So I was at camping buddy's (feliz cumpleaños, guapisimo) apt. this past Tuesday and the Ric Burn's doc. on Andy Warhol was playing. Towards the end of the doc. Warhol's death and disaster series('62--'63) is discussed. Green Car Crash by Andy Warhol

This is a year in which he painted media images of suicides, car crashes and disasters in bright colors. So this reminded me of an article in an old issue(Fall'06) of Eye Magazine on the influence that the French had on design. More specifically I recalled the birth of punk graphics and the Bazooka Collective(b.1975). Kiki Picasso '76 featured in Eye Magazine Fall '06 — click to enlargeKiki Picasso '77 feature in Eye Magazine Fall '06 — click to enlarge
These guys did more comic strips and added sex to the mix. So I mentioned this to campy and he started talking about a film called Crash. No, not the chart-topper on racism, but the 1996 flick about sex and car crashes. I haven't seen this yet but I will follow up with my thoughts.
By the by, Eye Magazine (graphic design magazine) has an excellent web site that holds all their past articles sans images.


Jeannie said...

ooh the minute i started reading your post i thought of crash too! good post!

metempsychosis said...

wonderful, that comic strip stuff is far more intriguing than the (in my estimation) merely sensationalistic imagery in crash.