You'll Remeber A Few, I Am Sure

Thanks again Daye


bean said...

when im at the beginning of a movie, im actually disappointed when these logo-animations stop, so this was effing great.

i forgot about the live-action one with the dude tossing the paper!

Gina Kay said...

The guy with the typewriter?! I used to love that one. I don't even know why but its possible to attach an emotion to these logo animation.

bean said...

ah, typewriter guy. always with the perfect toss!

not only do they each TOTALLY have separate emotions, but they evoke separate emotions in me, based on which part of my life i was in when was used to seeing them.

'sit ubu, sit. good dog.'

Jeannie said...

i watched that for a full minute before i realized what the hell was going on... :/