Weekend: Activities

Deitch Gallery hosted an art parade in west Soho this past Saturday. So I set out for the affair on my bike from my apartment Brooklyn. I have never ridden my bike into Manhattan before so this was kind of an adventure.Photos from the Williamsburg Bridge.
After crossing the bridge I took an accidental detour up to Thompson Square Park where they were also celebrating the arts. There were canvases lined up around the edge of the park and people were painting.
Later on that night I went home to hang out with the boys and work on puppets I am making for a puppet show I am putting on for a talent show that will be held for my friend James' birthday this Saturday. *deep breath*
After I tossed back some carrots and Tosca killled a six pack, I got to work
while Tosca stripped and pranced around the apartment singing Christmas carols.
F#*king weirdo.

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