Cut That Copy

Designers & writers notoriously lock horns. Jason just sent me this post on Noisy Decent Graphics, which is a nice blog-check it out. I thought one of the comments on the post was hilarious. see below
One of the comments left:
Posted on behalf of James Denley (Writer).

Subject: writethedesignerschristmascard

Fucking designers, I fucking hate them. They call copy text. Think five point's far too fucking big for body type and that anything longer than three words is too long for a headline. They don't believe that anybody ever reads more than 40 words at a time, despite vast, best selling novels with millions of words in, and even the sports section of the Sun, which is about their level, especially when reading Design Week gets too exciting for them and they can't cope with the adrenalin rush of reading another long article on the decline of well honed typography (with which, I have to admit, I have some sympathy) - and it's true they can't spell or at least only phonetically. Shit, knew I shouldn't have written that, it's five syllables or should that have been silabulls or maybe syllabubs, even, and I believe that they are almost all closet jazz fans and get positively orgasmic over endless John Coltrane meanderings for ever and ever and aren't very rock 'n' roll, although they won't admit it, in case it's uncool and they must never be accused of that, since it's tantamount to getting six points on their artistic licenses and is point blank guaranteed to ruin their amateur standing for all time and then some. And anyway, their houses and flats are always too minimal and anal and tidy and perfectly propped, and they always ask you to come up with ideas for Christmas cards at the end of November, because they haven't thought of any and they can't be arsed and think it's a writing problem. As if all the writers aren't already too busy ripping up the Christmas cards they've written to their Mums, because they didn't like the greeting and they've thought of a better way of doing it, except it's too long and the fucking designers will only moan about it or set it in three point, and besides, not only do I know who Mike Dempsey is, he's one of my heroes. Love and kisses, your old pal, A. Anon.xx

I have a terrible time spelling and not because I don't know how, I just .... don't get around to checking it before it, whatever it may be, is sent or viewed by another... I guess. Or because I am a designer. Anyhoo I do love jazz and usually listen to it while I am at home alone. Though, one might note that copywriters f*#king love the sound of their own voice, so its difficult to hear the music playing when they are around. Having said that I will agree with you on the anal-designer syndrome. While you're at it you should also mention that most designer are obnoxiously obsessed with collecting anything that involves sweatshops or plastic items that do not serve at purpose outside or being "rad".
Oh but we all love each other in the end, no? I will be working with a copywriter at my new job. I am really looking forward to working with concepts again!


bean said...

the relationship btwn writers and designers reminds me of the relationship btwn batman and the joker. they're adversaries to be sure, but each needs the other. this was explicated perfectly by the joker one time, when he told batman the following story:
two inmates escape from an insane asylum one night. they're jumping from roof top to roof top, when they come to a gap that is too far to jump.
'i'll shine my flashlight across, and you can walk across the beam to the other roof,' says one escapee.
'no way,' says the other. 'because as soon as i step on the beam, you'll turn off the flashlight.'

btw, the writers are batman.

leenabean said...

this is hilariously true. And congrats on the new job!

brando said...