Berlin: Architecture

I.M. Pei's extension to the German Historical Museum.
Tower near Potsdamers platz
Jewish Museum
I was talking to this architect one night and asked her which building I should make a point to see. She named the building that she worked in as one of them and went on to describe how the building was constantly changing because the inhabitants could raise and lower these panels on the outside. Well I totally forgot the name of the building but the next day I was riding around and decided that this may very well be it.
Old GDR building
I was a little lost at this point ....
Berliner Philharmoniker
I took photos of the buildings that I found aesthetically pleasing for the most part. Although, there were some funny/failed attempts in places that helped to tell thte story of rebuilding after the war/wall.. For instance, in a section of the city called Kreuzberg there are old buildings that were preserved by squatters. The otherwise fate can be seen in the tacky 60s/70s structure around the corner.

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