Faites-vous liberté de speek


French language and typography Pierre-Simon Fourneir

Avant Garde
Paul Iribe

The Union des Artistes Modernes
Studio Draeger

A small sample of this amazing book. Thanks Jeannius.

Je voudrais etre faite sur meure
pour toi, pour toi
Mais, je suis readymade par la nature,
pour quoi, pour quoi?
Comme jene ne le sais pas j'ai fait des rectifications
Pour moi—

(I would like to be made to measure
for you, for you
But I am ready made by nature,
for what, for what?
Since I don't know I have made adjustments
For me—)
-Ettie Stettheimer

Pardon my....but poignant still:
A man and women were walking up 9th Ave as I was walking down. The man was obviously unloading his misguided relationship woes. The woman, though casual in gate, was taking it all in.
"How the fuck can you care about me, when you don't fucking care about yourself...know what I am sayin'?!"

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Jeannie said...

what a lovely poem...
and i'm so glad you're enjoying it!