Never Judge A Day By Its Morning

Saturday morning: Its suppose to be 68º, overcast and rainy. *sigh* I have to pull everything out from under my bed to find my comfortable heels. There is a 45 min. subway/walk commute in the heels to a 2.5 hr. service, of which I had no idea what to expect, ahead of me.
I accidently get on the A train instead of the C sending me soaring up to 102nd. However, the downtown C came to get me to the synagogue on W. 83rd in time. I wasn't late, but on time; huge sigh of relief. And so begins my boss' daughter's bat mitzvah; my first.
Overall, the ceremony was beautiful. The Rabbi had well a placed humor and a surprisingly similar vocal rhythm as a protestant preacher (sans fits of red-faced exclamations). Oh...aaaand it turns out I was at a b’not mitzvah so there was two girls sharing the ceremony. Some of the highlights include: the girls singing together, the Torah toting, attempting to sing what I don't understand and seeing my boss as a proud mother. Also, I must say that I think every child should have an experience like this. What an encouraging affair! You've not only proven something to yourself but you get congratulated for it in front of friends and family. I am not too sure what goes on with Communion but I starting to feel a little gypped with my baptism.
Following the ceremony, we all headed to Bryant Park grill. The sun was shinning, we were outside looking over the park, drinks were flowing and the fun began. Somewhere in between eating and dancing I acquired a black eye; well, its really just blue, but nonetheless, its there.
As the day rode its way into night, I had a wonderful time with my co-workers, my boss nearly brought me to tears with her sincerity and I ended up walking the city street in my heels, in the rain; a thought that seemed so dreadful earlier that morning.
Best day of 2006 thus far.


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