The New Me

Before Taoism:
I can't quite decide whether I like bananas or oranges better.

After Taoism:
I will eat whichever presents itself to me first, possibly both.

I feel so free.


Jeannie said...

fruits can't walk.

critico brindiamo said...

this blog has become too fruity. and i mean that in the most literal sense possible.

Gina Kay said...

Have you ever seen one try to walk and fail? huh? Then how do you know they can't?

erin said...

So this is a blog....I'm worried about you.When are you coming to Oregon?
Perhaps you suffer from nature deficit disorder...xoe

Anonymous said...

p.s. you're 28 now lady!

Gina Kay said...

Everyone say hello to Erin! 'Hi Erin'
I now. I need to change my age. We're 28 now eh? I remember when we were wee rambuncrtious tots.