Knowing is Half the Battle

When I started my first year of design at Georgia State I was hungry to know everything that I could about this thing called graphic design. What was design anyway? Do I really get to be creative? Oh, and the new macs were just so sexy. How indulgent.
I was shock and intrigued to find that there was "well know" designers. It may have been a close friend at the time or my impeccable History of Design teacher, Liz Throope, but my eyes were opened. Not only are there highly skilled typographers out there, but there are also a lot of amazing efforts being made to educate the public. One of my favorites is COLORS Magazine originally edited by Tibor Kalman. The magazine releases serveral issues throughout the year. Each issue is dedicated to a particular topic and has a web site companion.
The Story of Energy is a good one.


HugeRash said...

i'll take the credit here!

Gina Kay said...

sometimes you can never get rid of a huge rash.