Konono Nº1

This amazing sound and celebration comes from the area right across the borders between Congo and Angola. Konono Nº1 is the first volume of Crammed's new series Congotronic, which is devoted to electrified traditional music from the Congo.

Instruments are hand made. The main instrument used is called a likembé or a thumb piano.

Much thanks to Daye for the heads -up

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Anonymous said...

Crammed Disc Konono release is pretty OK, but NOT their first release [as falsely claimed on Crammed Disc site]. Dutch-based Terp records released a live CD, recorded when they toured with The Ex early 2003, which really captures the raw intensity of this unique group's sound.

Recorded live at Vera, Groningen 5th February 2003

Details and mp3 clip here...

Buy online here...